Cyber-Bullying by Ariel Don't Suffer in Silence

Cyber-bullying is any kind of malicious, upsetting and constant bullying that takes place online or through different electronic devices. Unfortunately, these horrid acts spread easily and often and surprisingly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cyber-bullying can go viral extremely fast.

There are many types of cyber-bullying but here are the main six:

Cyber stalking






Cyber stalking: not leaving someone alone when they have asked.

Exclusion: leaving someone out and singling them out and giving them mean comments.

Outing: sharing private images or videos without permission.

Masquerading: pretending you're someone else.

Flaming: public arguments often with bad language included

Harassment: repeatedly bothering someone if they've asked you not to or if you know they don't like it.

Did you know that a national bullying site asked children around the UK about bullying and most of them described it as "being trapped with nowhere to go in an endless cage and no-one to help"?

The internet has become such a huge difference in our lives, that it unfortunately is extremely difficult to ignore!

There's a big difference between bullying in person and cyber bullying- since people can be more extreme online- because they have a screen to hide behind. You simply don't know who they are!

Never let someone feel this way whether you're the bully or onlooker. Do not join in with the bully! Remember; The witness who doesn't help is as bad as the bully them self.

The victim never gets their chance to defend themselves so don't retaliate. This is what they want you to do. Never give in and don't let them ever get what they want.

Don't witness in silence

when you see someone as a victim of bullying of any kind don't hesitate to help. Sadly, 56% of young people have witnessed others being bullied and 42% have felt unsafe online.

Stop Bullying!


Created by Ariel in Year 5

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