Bears and other wildlife misplaced by Gatlinburg fires. Home daMaged by Hungry bear

The residents of this home located in a usually quiet and uneventful subdivision south of Knoxville, TN heard some loud noises in the early morning hours but had no idea what it was. It was almost a full week later when the homeowner discovered the damage caused by what he believes must have been a bear misplaced by the Gatlinburg fires several weeks ago. I don't usually go on that side of my house much this time of year when the grass isn't growing said James Puleo, owner of the home off Burnett Station Road in Seymour. We had several heavy rounds of rain showers recently after a long drought so during a break in the rainy weather I thought I had better check the gutter downspouts and make sure everything was clear. We sometimes will get birds that like to build nests in the gutter during dry periods and then when it rains, the nest can sometimes get clogged in the drain pipes.

When I walked up and saw the pipes ripped right out of the ground, in pieces and full of large bite marks I knew right away what had happened. There's not much you can do other than repair the damage and hope whatever did this doesn't come back again. There have been other recent reported sightings of black bears in this area recently. As long as nobody gets hurt, I can handle some minor damage. Hopefully they find their way back home and stay out of trouble said Mr. Puleo.

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