Punderwear Making you a wearer of good wordplay

What is a pun?

Here is a definition... "a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings."

Definitions are anti-pun. Definitions solidify meaning. Puns reimagine meaning.

If you are among those who consider puns baffling and painful, please allow me reimagine it's usefulness and impact on the human condition. I'm china ease your pain without dragon you too far down the rabbit hole.

Yes. Puns are a connection between two separate ideas using written or verbal language, but they are so much more. No pun can be made without a connection, and no connection can be discovered without being attentive, mindful, present, and playful.

Making one good pun is ok. Making twenty-one good puns (in 5 minutes) takes practice. What is really happening when you're friend starts firing off what seem to be feeble attempts at earning attention, is that they are rapidly expanding their awareness and searching for possibilities beyond the reality that everyone around them thinks they are experiencing.

At the heart of a pun is the practice of reframing traditional interpretations and reactions to the present reality.

The power of this practice lies in our ability to use it outside of verbal and written communication to interact with a variety of pleasant and terrible experiences that we may encounter in a day. The practice of reframing how we hear and respond to words is the practice of reframing how we hear and respond to the world.

The practice of reframing how we hear and respond to words is the practice of reframing how we hear and respond to the world and ourselves.
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Nicholas Penn


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