Period 7 Black Team Go-kart David Andrews

#1: Research

Today we were introduced our project. We will be making a drill powered go-kart out of wood and other materials. In the first half of class Mr.Estock gave us a run down of what we will be doing over the course of the third marking period. The next half of class , we had time we took time and researched videos and examples of go-karts.

#2 : Brainstorming

Today we did a lot of sketching and thinking. The team and I came up with a sketch and ideas for what we want our pieces to look like. We came up with designs for steering , braking , accelerating and the body.

This is a sketch of what we would like our cart to look like when complete.

#3: Bike Deconstruction

This part of our project was my favorite so far. I had brought in an old bike of mine and we took it apart. We used channel locks , wrenches, power saw , allen keys , and a hammer to dissemble our bike. We took the brakes , both wheels, chain, and the sprockets off of our bike .

#4: Plywood Layout

During this part of the project , my team and I made all of our measurements and taped up our base piece so we got a better understanding of what and how our cart will turn out to look. This part of the project took me a little extra time because I was cautious and didn't want to screw up any measurements because we only have one shot with the printer.

#5: Onshape

This part of the project was also very fun. After I made measurements and we got all of our pieces , we each sketched our piece. I received the base and sketched that. Everyone finished there pieces and we finished our assembly.

#6 VCarve

Today we cut all of our pieces to our gokart out on the shopbot. We screwed down our board and it took about 30 minutes to cut .I enjoyed watching the shopbot cut out our pieces . It was cut perfectly and we didn't have any issues.

#7 Assemble our pieces

After we cut out our pieces , we began the assembly part of the project , Me and Mike worked on hammering in our innerlock pieces and it took quite a bit of time. It took some muscle getting the pieces to snap in. After we locked in our back rest we drilled blocks to the back of our gokart and assembled our rear wheel. After the rear wheel was is , we assembled our two front wheels.

#8 Assembling our front axial

Last class we didnt have the parts to connect our axial. We needed 2 6in bolts , 2 nuts , and 3 washers. Estock went to the store and got us the parts and we used them to assemble the axial and for the drill . We also cut two hole in the bottom corners of our front axial and ran rope through them for steering

#9 Drill support

Today I worked on the drill support. Me and Estock came up with some ideas and We came up with a lock type support. I took 3 blocks and boxed in the bottom of our drill. Next , I drilled holes in the side of our backrest. Then I cut holes into 2 dall rods and stuck the rods through the backrest. I then cut a block using the chop saw and then drilled a half hole in the block to snap the handle of the drill in place . Then i locked the whole thing in using 2 smaller dall rods running through the bigger dall rods.

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