Mr. V's dream cottage By: Elsie Privitera

The first thing we did was make blue prints for the cottage. We drew the cottage from many different angles, Bird's eye view, side view, and front view.

Bird's eye view
front view
Side view

The next thing we did was to transfer the blueprints onto tinkercad.

Bird's eye
front view
Side view

The next step was to do all the calculations. This included how much money it would cost to paint the outside of the house. This also included how much it would cost to put shingles on the roof, and how much it would cost the heat the whole house.

The total cost for the paint was 60 euros (3 buckets of paint). To find out how much the paint costed I found the surface area of, first the front, and I subtracted the area of the windows. Then the side, and again I subtracted the area of the windows, same thing for the back and the other side. When I had finished this, the last step was to add all the sides of the house together to ind out the total cost, 60 euros.

To find out how much the heating costed, I had to find the volume of the cottage and the roof, once I had done that I just added the two volumes together and got the answer of 1364.85 euros as the cot for heating.

Lastly to find out many bundles of shingles I needed for the roof I just found the volume of the roof, and the price ended up being 90 euros.

The total price for the heating, painting, and shingling was 1514. 85 euros.


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