Studio Ghibli 10 Movies for all ages and people to enjoy

Hey guys, my name is Nathan Folsom and these are 10 movies from studio Ghibli that I think are good for both children and adults should watch.

10.Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
Nausicaa is a beautifully made movie that hayao Miazaki made right before Studio Ghibli was formed, But the style is well known and solidifies its art style for years to come. The Theme is about a strong, courageous girl who needs to stop an evil army from disrupting a colony of giant insects and destroying Her family's village. This movie is very good for the family because it has great action and fantasy, and has a strong female lead with a cute animal sidekick
9.Castle In the Sky
This is one of my personal favorite Ghibli movie because of the themes and setting it takes place in. The movie is about a boy and a girl in search for a mystical floating castle and they are chased by sky pirates and a colonel trying to use the castles power for evil. This movie is a fun adventure for the family, with a fun cast of characters for kids and some hidden themes for adults to enjoy and dig into.
8.My Neighbor Totoro
Totoro is one of the most famous movies by Studio Ghibli (seeing as their title card has Totoro on it) staring a large forest spirit teaching two girls the ways of the forest while they are away at their grandmothers house.
7.Porco Rosso
Recently watching this, I believe it was a enjoyable adventure based around a famous fighter pilot who was also part pig. The concept seems silly, but it was a enjoyable ride from beginning to end with the whole family.
6.Princess Mononoke
All be it one of the darker films, the pure art style and themes of the movie, everyone should see. The movie is about a prince with a cursed arm needing to seek help. But he runs into a colony of humans who are just fighting the forest to survive and keep their families safe. But the forest and mononoke are only fighting to protect themselves because of the humans are destroying the forest.
5.Spirited Away
This story is a very nice coming of age story where you will see a girl turn from a honest brat to a girl who can think and do thing for herself in a very natural progression when visiting a very supernatural realm. This is one of the ghibli movies to actually earn an oscar.
4.Howls Moving Castle
I think this film is interesting due to the fact that the main character is primarily an old lady, with her living in the moving castle with howl and making sure he stays in line.
I thought this movie was great for everyone because of the general kid friendly nature of this film, focusing mainly on family and friendship.
2.The Secret Life of Arrietty
I feel like this story is a great re-telling of the famous "Borrowers" story, and brings a new spin on the tale to give both adults and children to enjoy.
1.The Wind Rises
I personally believe this is one of my favorite Ghibli movies to watch because of the art style they were going for, the sound direction, and the over all themes of the movie had left me in near tears at the end of the movie.

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