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---Holy Land---



Day 1


Cana was amazing, we watched a real wedding, they were dancing and singing. It was really fun! We also prayed for our future husband! We were in the place where Jesus made his first miracle, transformation of the water into wine! It was a great experience to visit the place where Jesus was, and where he made the miracle!

Paola Salomón


We had a wonderful experience in Nazareth. It was our first visit to Mary's land. I loved every single moment in that beautiful place. We had the opportunity to visit Mary's house and we touched the rock which is part of the house where she lived.

Luisa Hernández

Mount Tabor

In Mount Tabor I really enjoyed the time we spent with Jesus and the time we had to reflect by ourselves. I really liked the view and the church that was at the top of the mount. I think it is a very important and special place, it made me feel very relaxed and peaceful, I hope I can return one day to see it again.

Valeria Celestin

DAy 2

Sea of Galilee

At the sea of Galilee we had a boat tour all around the sea. We had a moment to pray by ourselves. It was a great experience to be where Jesus sailed and made a lot of miracles. I really enjoyed going there. We had so much fun and we took many pictures!

Valeria Mitre

Peter´s Primate

We had the opportunity to visit the place where our religion started. Peter´s Primate was a beautiful and peaceful place, where we celebrated mass and had a moment to talk to Jesus like he talked to Pedro. I think that after experiencing these things, and visiting these places, all we have been talked about and all the readings we have heard have a different meaning and reason to us.

Mónica Martínez


Here the multiplication of bread and fish took place.


Peter had his house in Capharnaum.


Magdala was an amazing experience. It helped me to get closer to God, it felt just like God was right next to me because that synagogue stays almost like when he was there and it was like almost a miracle that they found that synagogue because it was right under a random hotel and a priest found it. It help me realize how close is God to me.

Vivian Silva



Day 3

Ain Karim

Here was the house of Isabel and her husband Zachary. Mary went here when she noticed that her cousin was pregnant.


It was an awesome experience to go to the place in which Jesus was born. We celebrated a Christmas mass in the St. Geronimo church and we all got to carry a baby Jesus during the mass. After the mass, we went to an orphanage to visit some kids and we played together. I think it was a great way to recognize that Jesus came to the world for ALL of us and with this experience I learned to value the things I have and to be grateful to God for all the blessings He had given me.

Paola Zermeño

Orphanage in Bethlehem

I was first sad to know that those kids were there with that disability and with no family, not only because some of their parents didn´t want them, but also because some of them couldn´t take care of them. It was nice to see the nuns taking care of them with such a great love. I thank God because I am healthy and because I have a family. I pray to him that those kids could grow up and be very happy .

Ramalí Hernández



Day 4 and 5


This is in commemoration of Peter's triple rejection of Jesus.

Dormition of the Virgin

This is in commemoration of the "falling asleep" or death of Mary and her bodily resurrection before being taken up into heaven.

Mount of Olives-Gethsemane

It was very special for all of us to visit the place where Jesus prayed with his disciples before his death. We had a Holy Hour in which we prayed all together just as Jesus did 2000 years ago. The thing I liked the most about that Holy Hour is that we did it with another group of people that had the same religion as us but in a different language and with different rituals. It was interesting to hear their songs in their language and it was amazing the devotion they had while singing. It was an incredible opportunity that I will never forget!

Macarena Vilchis

Pater Noster Church

We went to one of the most amazing churches I have ever been to, there were lots of the Our Father prayers, every single one written in a different language. It was very special to find the prayer in Spanish and see that is the same thing all over the world, also there was a beautiful little chapel inside were we prayed and made important intentions. I am very grateful for having this opportunity.

Greta Bautista

Dominus Flevit

In this place, Jesus cried for Jerusalem.

The Calvary (Golgotha) and Holy Sepulchre

I loved going to the place where Jesus died for all of us, the right exact place. I always understood, but it never touched my heart so hard to understand why he died for us. I realized everything Jesus did and still does for me. I thank God for giving me this experience because it was beautiful.

Isabel Hernández

Wailing Wall

This wall is the only piece remaining of the temple.

Via Crucis

Not only was the Via Crucis a memory we will never forget but also the experience we had. When we started the Via Crucis we all felt in the presence of God. Through the religious journey we all got emotional because we walked on the path Jesus did. I really enjoyed all of us being there together as one, sharing how we felt.

Sofía Velasco



Day 7


We had the chance to visit the 2nd Wonder of the World and it was such an interesting place full of beautiful views, we also rode on camels and it was awesome! We all feel so lucky for having the opportunity to visit it.

Isabella Álvarez


Day 8


Our last mass was here, when we had the mass we could see the view of the desert and also the sunset. It was the last day in the Holy Land, so was our last time in the place where Jesus was. At this point we can appreciate everything we lived and experienced through the trip. Every girl without hasting will repeat this trip to Holy Land the land where Jesus was.

Ana Paulina Lugo

DEad Sea

The Dead Sea was really fun! We were just floating and laughing! It was a really good day! We couldn’t be a lot of time in the sea because of the salt but it was worth it. It was amazing!

Fátima Berber

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