Photography By: Neha Rajganesh

I was outside with Katie. While we were walking, we saw a fern growing out of all the wood chips. This is it, and the way it’s taken makes you like it.
This picture is supposed to be a depth photo, because there are many layers. While I was at the Celebration Park, I took a photo from the side and you can see all of the swings.
This picture is an example of framing. When I was inside the school, I looked out and found these bushes. Both of the bushes frame in, and this makes me look directly at the wet concrete floors.
Here Katie is sitting on the bench. This is leading lines because of the viewpoint. This is a lower side viewpoint which shows all of the lines on the bench leading right to her.
This follows the rule of thirds. I caught a photo of Katie sitting on the bench and saw that it matched the rule. Here she is sitting on the left side chair.
This is a picture with involves movement. While Katie was walking, I got a shot of her while she was on the arrow. This is taken from a viewpoint with is kind of on the side.
Viewpoint-This photo of a tree follows he low viewpoint rule, because I put my camera against the bark and took a photo looking up in the tree. This expresses different feelings, because you usually don’t see tree that look like this. You usually see the outside.
Depth- This photo shows depth because of the layers. I just came back from Dave and Busters and my sister got gummy bears. I decided to take a picture of them as she was laying them out.
Story- This picture tells a story of when i went to Yogurt Ville. I'm the one who got the coffee flavor with cookie dough,sprinkles, and dark chocolate chips. I feel like I can still taste it. My sister was almost finished.
Story- This photo tells a story of being at the celebration park. I was with my photography class, and saw these ducks swim by all in a row. I used this photo, because it also shows depth. You can see the water, ducks, trees, road, and forest.
Low Viewpoint- This perspective of the photo is from a low viewpoint. While I was taking this picture, many people took photos of the needles of grass. I wanted to show more by different types of needles of grass. The, you can see depth in the photo by the water.
Movement- This is a movement photo because you can the ripples rippling in the water. Also, you can see the part of the tree and ranom things next to the water. I captured this in the photo because I thought it added a lot more intrest and made the photo more interesting.
Story- This is a story. Ass you can see, me and bets friend Sia are drinking soda but we were having a "cheers" moment. I thought any people could think different things. They might think we are just about to drink soda. They might think we are having a big party. he might think there is game about ti come on. they also might think that we are going to challenge each other to something.
Rule of Thirds and Depth- This picture shows depth because o all the layers of tees you can see behind it. I added this photo so you can see how the trees kind of blurred out on the left side. this could also be considered as following the rule of thirds.
Experimental- this is a experimental shot because I didn't know it would blur out could. It looked like a tree fell, so i just took a shot of it. This is just something I experimented.
This follows the rule f third because you can see the tree on the right. As you can see also, People are walking on the side which balanced everything out. this makes sure that my picture isn't so boring.
Favorite- This is one my most favorite photos, because of everything I have. I have a tree, Katie taking a photo, the water. At the back you can also see houses that are even more blurred out than the trees. i love this photo and everything it has to offer.
Crop-This is my apple watch. I like how it added color to the grey wood table too.
Cropped Photo- This is when I cropped my photo. This shows a clear view of the apple watch.

Light- this photo is light because of all the different lighting areas. When took this photo, I thought it was like from the movies because of the lighting. Katie is bright,but everything else is different and varied out.
Symmetry- This symmetry because it focused in the bikes wheels. You can see many designs on it. This shows symmetry and pattern.
Experimentation- Whenever I act professional to take photos, I take it from a side or low viewpoint. This was me just experimenting how to do this and taking a side viewpoint of Katie holding a plant.
Favorites- This one of my favorites because I like how certain hings are blurred out. Also, I like how it looks like something is leading to me.
Rule of thirds- This photo follows the rule of thirds. I like this because it is just a stump on the tree. Usually, no one focuses on this , but I like it because people will actually only see that in this.
Symmetry- This picture shows cars aliened. You can see different types of cars, so that is the pattern.
Framing- This is framing because of the trees framing in together. i use d this because I liked how Christina was standing there.
High Viewpoint- This is a high viewpoint because I took a picture mine and Katie's shoes. This is also an example of forced perspective. Also, it is symmetry an patterns.
Close-Up Perspective- This is a close-up perspective because I took a photo of the keyboard. i like how this turned out. it shows depth ad detail also. This is also a low viewpoint photo.
Portrait and Favorite: This is my little sister Diya when she was a baby. She s so cute. I love her so much. Anyways, this is a portrait of her.
Close-Up: This is a close-up photo that focuses on balls. These are balls that I have all around my house for decoration.
Reaction: This is a reaction photo because I was getting ready to do a layup. I started laughing, but I don't know why. My friend Sia took this photo, ad I thought it looked really cool as a natural photo.
Reaction: This photo is a reaction, because the bright color popping out. Also she she in the back seat and doing something on her phone. I wonder what he was doing. That's what I hope people will think when they see this photo.
Movement- This is movement because people are walking.
Favorite and Patterns: I love this photo I captured of my mom. I love her and she means everything to me. There are also many patterns used in this photo.
Depth- This photo shows depth because there is a lot you can see.

I learned a lot from all the different rules of photography. I also learned about many careers. I learned about medical photographers, sports,new, architectural and even product photographers. Medical photographers take photos of medical scenes. Sport photographers take pictures of people playing sports. News photographers take photos of the latest news that is going on. This is a widespread topic like product photographers. The will take pictures of new products that are popular and they might even advertise a little it like advertising photographers.

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