Adjuntas The City of the sleeping Giant

It has begun!....from now on Voypallá will focus on one town in Puerto Rico per week and what better way to start than with one of our favorite mountain towns from this island. Adjuntas is located in the central mid-west area of the "Cordillera Central" and is know as the "City of the Sleeping Giant" this is in reference to one of the mountains in the town that resemble a person laying on it's back. It's also know as "The Switzerland of Puerto Rico" for it's year round low temperatures that average 72℉. Adjuntas was founded in 1815 and the name of the city comes from the term tierras adjuntas (adjoining lands) because their territory was part of the old Villa de San Blás de Illescas, (known today as Coamo) and often referred to as las tierras adjuntas a Coamo.

Here's our top five must see locations in Adjuntas. Remember, you can find them all downloading our app for IOS/Android:

5.Casa Pueblo

Casa Pueblo is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes self sufficiency, green energy and nature conservation.

4. Puente hamaca

The Hammock Bridge is a hanging bridge that crosses the Garzas Lake. It's a great hiking location that will take you to the Adjuntas location of a Puerto Rico flag painting that is part of the project by Hector PR called "78 Towns 1 Flag".

3. El Mango

One of the best swimming locations in all of Adjuntas with a great panoramic view on the way there.

2. Guilarte State Forest

Awesome camping spot in the middle of the forest. These cabins do not have any electricity and can be rented for only $20 a day. Contact DRNA for reservations (More info in the app).

1. El Ataúd river

By far one of the deepest river spots on the island; great for cliff diving if you dare.

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