The Hive By: Robert Gosser

It is the hottest day of the summer for a small town in New Mexico called Gordon . It was 110 degrees fahrenheit and they were in a drought. Balawas was a small town it only had 516 people living their.

The Greensons were a farming family. They had 6 kids, 3 girls(Amelia, Linda, Alexandra.) and 3 boys(Steve, Bob, and Lucas) the three boys always would bully their sisters. The parents names were Tom and Nancy. They were very strict and whenever they caught the boys doing anything bad they would go crazy.

Steve, Bob, and Lucas were playing by the swamp. They found a giant bee hive on the ground. “Guys we should take this home and hide it in the basement,”Lucas said. “But if mom and dad catch us we will get in so much trouble,” Bob stated. “We’ll just have to be sneaky,” Lucas said. All of the boys started pushing the hive back to the house.

They opened the door to the house and lifted the hive up. They slowly walk it to the basement and placed it behind a box near the heater. Little did those boys know that they had brought in a spider nest and the boys gave the spiders the perfect conditions to reproduce.

The next day the boys came back to check on the hive. They found their sister had found the nest. All the girls were all lying near the nest when the boys went to talk to them the lights all went off. Then the power went back on the girls were gone, the beehive was gone, and Steve had a huge spider bite on his neck.Lucas wondered, will I survive. Oh please let me get through this. I won't do anything bad ever again. “Steve get up! Please get up!” Lucas cried. “Steve it’s not funny get up. Please Steve get up!” Bob exclaimed

The lights had turned off again and then Lucas was all by himself. The door he entered was open . “This isn't funny guys!” Lucas yelled. He saw a flashlight lying on the ground. He went the grab the door but the door closed and it had been locked. Two giant slimy hands grabbed him by the ankles then he was covered by thousands of spiders. Lucas felt bite after bite he saw thousands of spiders. All of his siblings next to him.

Lucas woke up in a hospital. “Hi Lucas are you ok, we had to leave the house forever because it had been overrun with spiders. The police described a large creature with claws. Lucky all yours siblings except for bob made it out alive. Now we live far away from Gordon.

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