Depression By: Chase Yoder


The Catcher in the rye. By J.D. Salinger The book is about a teenage boy named Holden just going through life, but happens to go through rough times during his childhood. Such as having his brother pass away when he was a kid, getting kicked out of school, and running around New York alone which led to Holden having depression. Depression is a disorder that causes someone to always be sad and think low of them selves or others. In 1951 J. D. Salinger's Catcher In The Rye was published and was banned in many states.

sucidal thoughts

Throughout the book Holden has very subtle ways to show us that he suffers from depression. One example from the book would be, "But I'm crazy. I swear to God I am. About halfway to the bathroom, I sort of started pretending I had a bullet in my guts." (ch14 pg103). This shows us that he does have what seems to be suicidal thoughts, (NIMH) says one sign and symptom of depression is "Thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide attempts." That is how Holden gets suicidal thoughts from depression.

loss of interest

Also in the book Holden shows a lack of interest in many things, and one of those happens to be his education. There is a part in the book when it talks about when Holden was dispelled from Pency this is what it said, "They kicked me out. I wasn't supposed to come back after Christmas vacation, on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself at all." (ch1 pg4). This shows that Holden lost interest in his education. According to (NIMH) "Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities" is a sign/symptom of depression. This is how Holden's depression led him to lack interest.


Catcher in the rye is a book about your average teen that suffers from depression and impacts his life. I think that Holden suffers from Depression and I think that those quotes from the book prove it.

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