The Raindrop Named Alexis By Jennifer Chapin

Hi, my name is Alexis.

I began my journey in the ocean with my parents I was just a little girl I was 5 years old. 200 years past and I was 205 years old now. I was in school one day and I noticed that I was floating in mid air but then I remembered I had learned this in one of my classes. I was evaporating. It's what happens to water when they go through the water cycle. An hour pasted and I was finally in the clouds they were so fluffy like a huge marshmallows.

Fluffy marshmellow.

Years pasted, me and my family finally fell out of the cloud and landed in a river. (SPLASH) We were in the river now.

We were in the river.

300 years later we evaporated again. When they left this time Alexis had made a lot of friends in the river and she had to leave them all so that day she found all her friends and said "hey guys I just found out I'm moving I'm going to miss you guys so much"

All of her friends said "NOOOOO WHY DO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE TODAY."

"I have to I'm going to miss you all so much I'll be back eventually bye guys see you in a few years maybe."

I'll miss u guys.

That day when Alexis left she found out she was just moving back to the clouds where she used to live. Alexis was happy because she can go see her other friends she made in the clouds, but was sad because she had to leave her friends in the river. Few minutes later Alexis and her family started to evaporate. Before me and my family evaporated I told all my friends " I'll be back again and if not I'll never forget you guys bye."

We are evaporating into the clouds.

250 years passed and I was falling from the clouds with my family, but this time instead of the ocean or a river we fell into a lake.

The lake we fell into.

(SPLASH) we were in the lake a few days later my mom was getting me ready to go to school, and on our way to school I was looking at all the other little fish and droplets going to school with their parents.


At school I made some other droplet friends they were really nice. A few months passed and something was going on with my dad he was starting to act different and a few more days passed and he died. Me and my mom were so sad when that happened. But more years passed and it was time to leave again. This time we fell into the river I was so excited I was going to get to see all my friends again. YAY!!

We love you daddy, we will miss you so much.
We were falling into the river.
Me and my friends.❤

"I missed you guys so much I'm so glad we came back" I yelled. When I saw my friends again I was as happy as a clam. Then we all lived happily ever after even though my dad passed away, I knew he was in a better place now and he wasn't in pain anymore. Then eventually me and my mom would evaporate in a few years.

You guys are the best.👭

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