Hour of Code-5th Grade

5th grade students participated in the Hour of Code this December. Students went to Code.org and were given the choice of a code challenge. They watched a short video about coding and how to complete the challenge. Students then learn to enter code by using buttons on the keyboards that command the avatars to move in a certain direction. Once students complete the code challenge they are given a certificate of completion they can hang proudly. My classroom enjoyed collaborating with each other and learning the technical terms of coding. Since my 5th grade classroom is one-to-one with the iPads, many students chose to code during recess where they would get younger students engaged in coding.

Reflex Math

On January 31, we learned how to view data on Reflex and use the data to make changes in our classroom.
All teachers attending PD have implemented Reflex into the classroom.
Reflex offers detailed information for each student on the facts that they have mastered. This helps teachers to provide students and parents with the facts that students still need to master. Students are then able to set goals.
Friday Morning Meeting Celebrations-Teachers print off individual achievement certificates and celebrate students at morning meeting including number of facts completed,number of facts mastered and % of facts fluent. Class achievements are also celebrated.
Green Light-Teachers are able to monitor when students have obtained the green light and how much time was spent to reach the green light. Students should reach a green light 3 times a week.

RtI-Math Differentiation

On February 9, we discussed a couple of websites/resources that will provide some support when planning for math RTI or differentiation related to math.
Math websites included: Quantiles.com (achievement level related to math) and Illustrative Mathmatics. Organizational websites included: symbaloo, tackk, bit.ly, google slides and google docs.
RtI-Math differentiation provides students additional support and strategies to solve a variety of problems. For an example with my 4th grade math students, we are focusing on multiplication. We use a calculator, multiplication charts, cubes, the lattice method, arrays, and the associate property.

Publish Student Writing-5th Grade

On February 21, we went over a couple easy tools to help collect and publish students' work so that it can be viewed publicly.
5th grade students are creating feature articles over Westward Expansion topics of their choice. Students will spend time researching their topics and then drafting using Google Slides. Once students have drafted and illustrated, the students’ feature articles will be published in our classroom newsletter, displayed in our 5th grade booth at the “Rise and Shine It’s Reading Time” breakfast, as well as posted for viewing at the Excelsior Springs Community Center and the Excelsior Springs Downtown Museum. Students will also be able to create a QR code that links to the online version of their feature article to take with them and share with parents and family. I’ve learned that students take more control of their learning when they know there will be an audience viewing their writing. Many of my students enjoy sharing their work with classmates, family and the community.


Creating/Sharing Folders and Documents with teams or individuals, utilizing Spreadsheets - Formatting and using formulas, Templates in Google Docs, Organization for Teachers, Organization for Students, Google Drive Add-Ons, Use Google Drive to provide feedback to students.
Google Classroom is used to assign students independent work or to share slides/power points and teachers are able to give timely feedback
Google Docs-Students respond to their reading independently and as a group. Teachers are able to provide direct feedback to students.
Google Drive-Students are able to organize their work


I will walk you through creating accounts, inviting parents and the basics of using this as a communication tool with parents. We will also begin setting up student accounts. SeeSaw is amazing and easy to use as online data organization and increases communication between school and home
2nd Grade teachers use SeeSaw on a daily basis to post pictures and share work and artifacts with parents.
Students are able to choose writing samples and completed work in reading and math to share on SeeSaw.
Parents are able to see what is happening throughout the which can facilitate conversations about what students are learning.
SeeSaw is also used to communicate important dates and events with parents.

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