The Cotton Gin by caston draper

The cotton gin was the most influential invention made in the industrial revolution. It increased the amount of slaves in southern states and directly ties into the Civil war, as tensions against slavery were very high.

The Cotton Gin was invented to make it easier to separate cotton seeds from the cotton, this invention had huge effects on pre-civil war america

The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794, due to the fact that separating cotton seeds from the cotton itself was very time consuming. At this time tensions agains slavery were very high, and many people were moving westward.

While it seems obvious that this invention would decrease slave labor, the opposite happened. As cotton became more profitable more and more slaves were forced into labor so that more cotton could be produced. '' While its true that the cotton gin reduced the labor of removing seeds, it did not reduce the ceed for slaves to grow and pick cotton. In fact, the opposite happened. Cotton growing became so profitable for the planters that it greatly increased both land and slave labor''

Another affect of cotton becoming more profitable plantations were starting to be built westward in places such as Louisiana. ''However with the expansion of cotton fields and cotton gins westward, it undoubtedly placed an even heavier burden on african slave labor''

''The promise of cotton profits encouraged a spectacular rise in the direct importation of African slaves in the years before the trans-atlantic trade was made illegal.''

The cotton gin had more affects on southern states, as these states relied on slavery the most. ''The number of slaves had increased. the dependency on slaves had increased''


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