Alex Gomez Mexican culture

My Name is Alejandra Gomez Esobar

I was born in the country of Mexico. And the state is Chihuahua and the city was Juarez.

My nationality is Mexican

These are bands from Mexico

Boy band
Girl band

My ancestors come from spain or Mexico

The spain flag

The Mexican flag

My famliy came to Michigan for my dads work

I speak spanish and english

These are my favorite diserts and foods from Mexico


Corn with salt


And sweet bread

This is how we dress in partys in Mexico

This is how the girls dress and kids

This is my family

This is the chihuahua flag or sheld

These are people from Chihuahua

Boys and girls

These are some hats that Mexican boys wear

This video will show some of the parts of Mexico


Thanks for reading my slid show!

Now that you know about my culture you can speared those facts to your friends or family!



Created with images by Free Grunge Textures - - "Mexico Grunge Flag" • ResoluteSupportMedia - "DSC_5840" • El mundo de Laura - "Tres colores y un águila" • lmp13 - "hot air balloon university of michigan blue"

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