Humanize me How I Found My inner online human- by Meg Phelps

I have to say I leaned so much more from this class than I expected to. To be more specific, I feel much more empowered than I thought I would. I genuinely thought I might explore a few new tools, add a few bells and whistles, and check off a few boxes that "humanized" my class. But it has had a much more fundamental impact on my as a teacher; in a word, I feel more human. Firstly, I learned to let go of my inner critic and embrace a little bit of imperfection. I have always let my overly critical self-judge prevent me from making an "amateurish" video, especially one of myself. But when I participated in the first discussion with a video, it really wasn't that bad! I see now that being imperfect makes me more "human" to my students; I can go ahead and make that weekly 'hello' video, test out a new tool, or experiment with assignment strategies. Sure, I might not be all polished perfection, but that will let them see a little of my personality, and also model a fearlessness that I hope they will try, too. The second important take away is that my tangible presence matters so much more than I thought. I was guilty of trying to be a neutral voice with a professional (aka sterile) presentation of content. I see now that being active, responsive, present, and empathetic is so vital to the course and my students. I leave with a renewed sense of purpose, and an enthusiasm to try some new tactics online. Thanks Michelle, for a great course!

Add a little Spark...

With this video created in Adobe Spark I've tried to let my voice convey the interest and passion I have for the topics I teach, and the importance of this assignment.

Just a taste...

With very little effort I added a short video teaser that plays during the unit opener. A simple way to keep interests engaged, and communicate using the visual syntax that our learner is immersed in.

Graphic summaries

Easy to make, quick to interpret, high impact visuals from Adobe Spark.


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