Why Zebdog- Cheetcats are Extinct By Isla Myers

It is a well known fact that up until 5000 years ago Zebdog-Cheetcats invaded the world snatching tasty little children from their soft cosy beds.

So why are they now Extinct?

Little children moving to boiling hot seaside

Scientists believe it was because of the tasty little children moving house to the boiling hot seaside.This made all the Zeb-Dogcheetcats go to the boiling hot seaside for food.

As soon as all the Zebdog Cheetcats gathered at the boiling hot seaside, all of the tasty people zoomed away because of the terrifying site they had saw. The Zebdog-Cheetcats followed the tasty people closer to the deep blue sea.

Unfortunately,one of the Zebdog-Cheetcats skidded into the deep blue sea and drowned!!!This meant all the Zebdog-Cheetcats followed that one as they didn't know it drowned in the deep blue sea!When they were in the water they started to drown because they were soo heavey from all the tasty little children they ate!

This enabled scientists to find fossils years later.

This is why the only zebdog-Cheetcats you see today are in pictures books cloths fiLes and more......

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