Boston Stoker Coffee House A Bartender

"This store is all about the people, and is home to Dayton business people, celebrities, artists, and tourists...Walking into the store, we can feel something special is going on here on 2nd Street. The stage is set for a grand show full of delectable pastries and sweets, wild concoctions of espresso and milk, and the absolute finest coffees known to man. After the show, make sure you stop by our humidor and pick up one of our elite handmade cigars, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the “Gem City”.

It's Saturday's morning, and from the view from my window it seems like a little cold and snowy day...what would be good to do today...to stay at home or to go somewhere...try to think?

I decided to take a stroll to the Boston Stoker Coffee House because I live nearly there. This coffee house is located in Dayton Downtown, more precisely on 34 West Second Street, Dayton OH 45402. It is open Mon-Fri: 6:30AM – 5PM, Saturdays from 8:00AM - 2PM, but on Sundays is close because it's not much that happens over the weekends in Dayton Downtown. In this part of town, this is a acceptable place to visit because it's nice and quite peaceful. This is also the closest Boston Stoker store in this area.

And just as the introduction says, this is a cozy place to relax and drink coffee, maybe take some light breakfast or similar...really nice combination of colors that leaves you in a good mood when you get in. I love places like this because it makes me feel good.

They have a good selection of pastries (cakes, cookies etc.), also interesting little souvenirs that you can buy and take with you. This place looks very clean, as well.

The prices are not too high, I think the average person can afford a cup of coffee and cake.

You can even sit by yourself and not be bothered by some unpleasant visitors. In the background you can hear a jazzy sound (music)... it's really pleasant atmosphere to feel.

All you have to do is to find a comfortable place, bring your coffee and enjoy it...if you have someone who will accompany you, good for you, if not, then is better to sit alone.

Samantha Lober, at her work as barista or bartender at Boston Stoker Coffee House, Dayton Downtown.

Samantha works for Boston Stoker Coffee House already two months, she said she likes working here, especially because of the community connections that can be found around during the week. She plans to stay at least one year. She added also that there is always free coffee for her.

Samantha was ready to say something more, but her manager just went out, so I would not hold or bothered in her work because I understand what's like to be a bartender.

It looks like that this gentlemen like Boston Stoker Coffee House, as well.

It's already 1:30PM, this place will close soon, I'm getting ready to leave, take my cookies with me...and take a walk back to where I live. It was one beautiful winter day.

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