What Will the Future Web Look Like ? By Sheryl Guiao

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Where do you think the future of web is going?

Since witnessing the birth of the internet, I was a child during the newborn stages when it became available to the public. Reading the stories of each internet browser that initially supported HTML, Javascript and CSS brought back so many childhood memories of myself in front of a PC computer reading through source code that I had accidentally found while clicking around. Over 20 years later, I believe the future of the web is going to start switching eCommerce from companies such as Amazon and eBay to smaller mobile platforms like SnapChat and Instagram where the customer base is geared to the next generation of world wide web users. Since the next generation of users have been immersed in technology from infancy, my hopes for the future of the internet will be that they can create things that will better the environment, lessen the spread of ignorance and hate, and bring the world closer as one group instead of segregating one another.

What do you think the web will look like?

I feel that as long as the technology continues to become more user interactive and people are allowed to create platforms and upload them into an open source site, then the sky is the limit. It’s hard to say exactly what it’ll look like, but I hope that we one day really accomplish the visions we once thought were impossible in moved like Johnny Nemonic movies. I think with the current development of virtual reality headsets and cellphones, we might be headed in that direction already.

How do you think we will access the web?

At the rate of technology and medicine’s development rate, we might actually be able to have wet wire implants that utilize a section of the brain as our own mobile computer. As science fiction as it sounds it doesn’t seem like such a far off idea for people to access the web this way. We are constantly attached to our cellphones, tablets, and laptops to get information from the W3 that at some point we might want to reduce the need to carry things and instead start implanting them in our bodies instead.

Why do you think design is important for the future of the web?

I believe that design is important for our future because its not only a way to relay information to users it is also a way to remember our past. Many designs are created from vintage style designs and refurbished for each generation to take a look back at where we’re been and what we hope to accomplish. Until now, I didn’t realize how much design had enveloped my daily life. Everywhere I go, I see designs all around me that influence my choices from what I eat, feel like wearing, where I want to plan my next trips, what ideas inspire me to create new designs, and so on. For the future of the web, designs that are supported by web browsers can inspire and rise a new generation of developers and designers who might create something that will better the world and since the W3 is global it can reach so many people instantly on the many social media platforms available.

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GID 56 Assignment - Foothill College by Sheryl Guiao - Professor C. Brown

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