Tsunamis By: Emilie and Lynn

What is a Tsunami? Well, in short, a tsunami is a big set of sea waves caused by an earthquake (or any other under water disturbance, i.e. a submarine landslide etc.) that takes place under the ocean surface.

A tsunami is formed by some kind of disturbance underwater, like an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or a meteorite impact. As waves get closer to the shore, the waves get larger and more vicious.

Fun Fact: Animals Can Sense Tsunamis!

Many survivors of tsunamis report that in the hours before the disaster, animals were seen heading towards higher ground away from the coastline. Relatively few animals die during tsunamis. It is suspected that fish can predict tsunamis as well, and swim to safety. Similar reports exist for other episodes of intense weather, like thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Tsunamis can cause millions, even billions in damage!

In the horizon, you can faintly see a humongous tsunami wave approaching the shore.

The aftermath of a tsunami in a harbor.

Did you know that tsunami actually means harbor wave?

A trained dog tired after using his powerful sniffer to find survivors, Sometimes, dogs get swept up in the waves and are found on the other side of the world! Most get returned to their families :)

Some rescue workers looking at some residue and debris from an enormous tsunami.

An overturned boat after a tsunami.

This was a picture of a town before a tsunami hit.

A neighborhood after a tsunami. Did you know that there are organizations that send volunteers to places that have been hit my tsunamis and earthquakes to help rebuild houses and provide food? There are even organizations that help after hurricanes!

Tsunamis can be very dangerous!

Someone looking for scraps from debris to help rebuild homes and furniture etc.


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