Medieval Torture Devices by brooke turner

Ordeal by fire

The accused would carry a hot iron bar and walk with it, they would bandage it then come back three days later and if started to heal then they were innocent, if not then guilty

The Rack

Accused was tied down on a machine that stretched their body apart and dislocated their limbs

The Stake

Create a pile of wood and have a stick in the middle for the accused to be tied to and usually if you hadn’t confessed or you did

The Pillory

A device for your head and hands to go in holes and they would get humiliate and shame them

The Iron Maiden

An upright box with spikes on the inner surfaces, and the spikes would poke their vital organs and they would bleed to death

The Breast Ripper (women)

The victim was tied to the wall while a metal claw grabbed on to their breast and moved away


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