3D Print and Carving hailey C.

This comes from a show, called Doctor Who. Its about an alien called the doctor and he is the last of his kind. He regenerates every few decades into a new face, but has the same mind and soul. Before this show started he just blew up his planet. He has companions for each new face. He has a time-traveling machine called the TARDIS and it stands for time and relative dimension In space. Thats the main focus on my project. This is my favorite tv show and i decided i wanted to base my carving and 3D print of of the TARDIS.

This is my carved project. It has 2 windows and 4 imprints. On the top of it it has a light box, except you cant see it becuase its carved.
This is my 3D print. When i was making it, i trashed and fixed the design alot. When i started it, I was just playing around and then Ms.kushner said i could make a 3D print and i got started on it. I had to fix it alot to fit the requirements of how to make it look like a real stable print.
This is the 3D printing machine that made my 3D print. It took around 3 hours to make my 3D print and I wish that I got to see it make it, but It was made around night.
This is the carving machine that made my carving. I got to see the first half of the machine making it, but school was over, so i had to leave.

I've had the funniest time with this class and these projects. It's been so cool and never in my life, have i played with tecnology like this. Before coming to this class, i was thinking about 3D printing and i thought that i would never get a chance to see a 3D printer becuase i thought they were so cool and exspensive. Then i come to this class and i find out that i could make my own 3d print for FREE. It was so cool that we had a carvinh machine and three 3D printers. About a week ago i had struggled with making a mother's day gift that would be 3d prineted, but it was hard for me and i did'nt complete it. Maybe if i had clear intructions that it would be easier for me. To have this chance to do this was very amzing and thats why i love chute.

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