Altered States Erotic Touch plant medicines / sensual massage / sacred sounds

Altered States Erotic Touch is a shamanic synthesis of plant medicine, sacred massage and sound therapy.

There are three parts to an Altered States voyage:

  • Sharing an alchemical elixir to expand consciousness and open the senses.
  • Sensual massage with options of genital and anal exploration.
  • A sound journey to bliss and surrender.

The alchemical fusion of these three potent ingredients creates the possibility for deep and lasting changes to unfold in your life, beginning with how you relate to yourself, and then naturally expanding to how you relate to everybody and everything around you.

Journey to the Heart

We will co-create an erotic ritual that begins with a heart-opening meditation to meet each other fully, in readiness for the shamanic journey we will share together.

You can choose from a range of masterfully prepared plant medicines to support your sacred journey, including aphrodisiacal cacao elixirs, nootropic mushroom extracts, cannabidiol edibles and other blissful botanicals.

Our experienced ceremonial guides will help you choose the perfect preparation to reach the level of enhanced stimulation or deep relaxation you desire.

The plant guides we journey with have an intelligent, gentle and well-crafted means of delivery that allow you to slip effortlessly within to explore deep and visionary inner terrains.

Empowered Erotic Touch

We will use the Wheel of Consent to choose the type of touch you would like to receive during the ritual, from sensual relaxation and deep tissue release to options of genital and anal exploration.

Altered States practitioners are qualified and insured somatic sex educators. All erotic touch is one way and your guide will remain fully clothed throughout the ritual.

Sensual Massage

With our preparatory rituals complete, you will be invited into this most sacred of spaces, bringing body, mind and soul into one beautiful alignment. Altered States massage derives from ancient temple traditions, using long flowing strokes which simultaneously sweep along, above and under the body, inducing deeply meditative and often mystical states of consciousness in the receiver.

Altered States rituals enhance receptivity through intuitive touch, fragrant essential oils and sacred sounds, with offerings of freshly prepared organic fruits to help open the direct sensory routes of pleasure.

Restore Peaceful Equilibrium

In this healing space, you are invited to reconnect and dive into your quiet and still centre, emerging restored and rejuvenated, renewed and ready to receive the world from this place of deep inner peace.

Sacred Sounds

Your massage is followed by a sacred sound journey, using acoustic and esoteric instruments from around the world. Sound healing is based on the principle that everything in the universe is in a state of constant vibration.

The sound frequencies received induce the alpha and theta brainwave states associated with deep relaxation and meditation, offering a gateway to the subconscious. In these states, deep healing can spontaneously occur.

This vibrational journey is also a powerful way to activate and amplify the inner intentions that we set for the ceremony. Instruments used for the journey include full size sun and wind gongs, the reverie harp, ocean drum, Himalayan singing bowls, sansula and tuning forks.


Your ceremony lasts for 3 hours, and the cost for a single session is £495. If you would like to build upon the foundation of your first experience, and book a series of ceremonies to fully realise the transformative potential of this erotic ritual, three sessions can be booked for £1295.

The gift of this work is offered in the spirit of tender hearted yet strong connection. An Altered States ritual opens the door of the heart as we embrace love in its pure, undiluted essence.

Altered States Practitioner: Diane
Altered States Practitioner: Gavin

Diane is a Somatic Sex Educator, pleasure scholar and life artist. She has been a yoga and meditation instructor for over seven years, focusing her practice on Kundalini and Vinyasa Yoga.

Diane has lived extensively in (r)evolutionary communes in Argentina and Brazil where she studied Chinese Medicine, Tantric Therapy, Yoga Ayurvedic Massage and Afro-Brazilian dance.

Currently a master's candidate at Tulane University and an acting writer, filmmaker and musician, her passion is creating safe and pleasure-centred spaces to channel our most natural, sacred and sexual energy into our personal (r)evolution!

Gavin is a somatic sex educator, sound therapist and herbalist specialising in the ritual use of entheogens from the field and forest.

During a 15 year career as an international DJ, he grew increasingly aware of the shamanic current running through this art form, and became interested in how particular sounds presented at the correct moment could reliably induce altered and transcendent states of consciousness.

These discoveries led to his training as a sound healer in Spain with the founding members of the International Association of Sound Therapy, and later as a psychedelic facilitator, serving and supporting hundreds of participants in transformative and healing ceremonies using the sacred plants of several traditions.