HSJI Counselors by Richard Grey

George Roberson, counselor for boys dormitories, is helping a HSJI student by directing them over phone. Students called the office for many reasons such as scheduled events, directory to buildings, and lost and found items. Roberson said, "I really like putting on my dress shirt and my customer service voice and trying to help our students have a really great experience while they're here."
Mitchie Boyd, another counselor for the boy's dormitories, returns from picking up a HSJI student and dropping them back off at spruce hall. Only students that are either injured or disabled have access to get a ride by the van. Boyd said, "Don't be afraid to ask for help, because no matter how much everyone likes to act as though they have everything figured out, they're all just as confused as you."
Will DeWitt, Head counselor, does some work and talks over plans with one of the counselors. Dewitt's role is to watch over other counselors to make sure plans are executed for the boy's dormitories. Dewitt says, "Always strive to do things that push you outside of your comfort zone. By doing so you'll continue to grow your skills and raise your level of confidence."

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