We need you! Student bloggers, vloggers, writers, storytellers, journalists, photographers, filmmakers...

Do you have a story?
Of course you have a story, all students have a story, whether you know it or not...
...and it's exactly what we're looking for.
Your University story!

What we're asking for!

Stories that capture the Lincoln experience and what has made the university experience special to you. But we're not talking about the nights out, try and dig a little deeper.

You can write a short blog post/article (around 500 words so not too long) about your university experience.

An example blog from one of our Digital Student Content Creators

Or if you would prefer, a short vlog (around 3 minutes).

We can't tell you what your university experience is like, so giving students a voice is central to this whole thing!

The Digital Education & Student Life team are here to help if you need some guidance. We can offer advice about filming and editing or give pointers on content.

Tell us your story:

The most powerful blogs frame any advice you may have around a particular story or narrative - it will make your post much more engaging. Anything that stands out as special, funny, weird or different about your Lincoln experience, use it!

We want to capture real experiences, so make sure your blog/vlog is about you and your life as a student – any challenges you’ve overcome or things that you’ve learnt, either on your course or through being away from home for the first time.

If you're struggling to find a specific story, a member of the Student Life team will be available to discuss ideas or style options. A good trick for planning any post is start with a list. List what topics you want to cover and you might find some inspiration. Alternatively you could go with the option of 'Top 5 locations/10 things I would tell my first year self...'

Share your experiences, help out fellow students and get paid for it!

Blog topics

University is a time to stretch yourself, not only on your course, but as a person. You develop skills you didn't know you had and, by capturing that through your uni story, you could inspire another student to do the same.

Your topic could be enjoying modules, or even the opposite – when you found things difficult. We know that everything isn’t always peachy.But focus on what got you through tough times, it could help other students by having someone empathise with them.

Remember to be encouraging - include advice you wish someone had told you - maybe something you wish you had done differently.

As a heads up, you should never criticise individuals as this may have legal implications.

Also be aware that your audience could well be prospective students, so it’s best to tread lightly with course specific terminology. They won't have a clue what you mean. Plus, students from other courses may not know either and we are trying to help out, so explain clearly to avoid confusion. Not everyone is an expert.

Examples for blogs:

What special events have you been involved in? What are your proudest achievements? How did you accomplish them?

Where are your favourite cafes or place to study in town? Your favourite spots in the city or places worth visiting for students?

Tell us about starting university, meeting new people, living away from home for the first time!

Another topic could be about studying at Lincoln, your first lecture or your 100th. What about seminars, tutorials, group work. Whether you were prepared, how do you keep focused?

Tell us about anything particularly fun/challenging at university.

Are you a serial-procrastinator? Lots of long nights? Or are you on the ball and just get things done? Where's a good place to get some work done?

What's it like living as a student? Have you found your new uni family! Or are there passive aggressive notes about the washing up?

What advice can you give when looking for a place to live? (Please don't name and shame, legal reasons.)

What's it like being a part of a society (day in the life)? Or volunteering and paid work with the university? tell us about it!

Anything else you've been involved in? Something you overcame, a fear, a challenge or an obstacle and what got you through!

What did you learn, how did you develop, how were you stretched?

Remember to focus your post on one topic - if you would like to explore another story, give it its own blog/vlog .

The Uni is proud of its students - show off a bit, tell us how great you are!


Have Student Finance helped out with loans or Student Support given you some helpful advice? If any Uni service have been particularly helpful, feel free to include it in your blog - you'll make them happy.

It would also be great to know what course you’re on!

However if it doesn’t feature in your story, it doesn’t have to - but let us know when submitting your blog. You can remain anonymous on the blog post if desired.

Contacting Us!!!

Please send us your sample blog post or vlog by E-mailing us at digital@lincoln.ac.uk and you could become part of our Digital Student Team.

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