The Worship of Nautre by johm greenleaf whittier

Nature is telling you something

And has been telling you but you have to listen.

Prayer can be mad by anything meaning anything can you give you a thought for a prayer if you listen. Praise is given for all things you do in the name of the lord. Heaven is above all things and can see everything you do.

Its like nature prays every day if you look at the sea you will see the waves bowing to the sand like there praying. They bow to the sand as if there a priest bowing to there congregation when they walk onto the stage.

The ocean brings forth gifts to the sand like pearls is like when the wisemen brought gifts to jesus the night he was born. The listening to the hills resemble the wise men listening to the angel while they were in the fields the night jesus was born.

The earth tells us all something we just have to listen to it. It will give us everything we need from dirt to water to drink.

Mist from the earth represents the wings of angels that hover above the earth. The hills like the curtains to a show at a theater with there colored lights.

The winds of the earth tells a story about how it feels. The clouds and thunder is like the earth throwing a fit over something we have done. The rain drops that are falling is the earth crying.

The trees branches droop in the darkness of night wishing for the sunlight of morning. The leaves crying for sunlight throughout the night.

The blue sky is the entrance to heaven just sitting there waiting. All thats separating us from it is earth and air. The sounds we hear coming from the earth and air leading us toward the entrance.

Nature keeps a grasp on every human from which is born. It will save everyone who is willing to be saved. Even the ones who think its too late its not.


This poem if full of personification throughout it. Since the poem is almost all personification it is consider to be extended personification. The reasons that it is extended personification is it gives many things human characteristic throughout the poem. Most of them are describing the same thing but using different thing in nature to do so. EX: "Its waves are kneeling on the strand, As kneels the human Knee,". This gives the waves a human characteristic of them kneeling.


Created with images by Tamara Areshian - "Armenia. Nature"

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