Ah' Negasi NETWORK International: Media/Promotion/Advertisement

Ah' Negasi Network translates to "A Royalty Network"

"Ah" : Relief, Delight, Contempt

“Negasi" : Royalty

“Network" : A system of (lines, channels, tv, radio, blogs), an interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system, & informally interconnected group or association of persons.

Ah’ Negasi Network

is a channel where we give the platform for Interviewers, Bloggers, Host, Correspondents, Artist, Designers, Models, Authors, Public Figures, Business Owners, Promoters, Booking Agents, Publicists, Stylist, Photographers, Cosmetologists, Dj’s, Celebrities, and other Brand Builders, to formally have a more direct and effective mean to interact, promote, Expand, sell, Inquire, Comment On and Contact the very consumers, sellers, and Fans that is essential to their Businesses, Public Relations, and Marketing Strategies. Here we give a full coverage on Music, Fashion, Pop-Culture, Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Politics, and Much More, through perspectives from a wide range of Industry Professionals and Emerging Brands/Businesses through-out the World. Broadcasted by multiple Bloggers, Fashion Editors, Music Distributers, Event Planners, Correspondents, Event Host, Magazine Editors and Business Owners in different parts of the United States( Not limited to but in cities/states such as; New York, Atlanta, Miami, Texas, California, Las Vegas, and Detroit). Utilizing these Business Owners and Professional’s fan base, expertise, and advice; we can then properly inform those very consumers, sellers, buyers, fans, and the general public directly, of the Hottest and Most Current Trends and Topics in the following areas; Fashion, Music, Entertainment, Pop-Culture, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Politics, and Much More.

Below are a few Examples of Simple Write Ups, Blog Contributions, and other Event Promotions, that can be used to put out information once you are designated a direct channel and area to correspond/host from. Each person involved will be expected to have proper knowledge of terms and trends that is up to date to our subscribers and followers. Read through the Word Press and see the information we provide and try to practice doing the same.

Below Are The Marketing Tabs, in other words; "Sections that the Network Plan to utilize to make the network effective in all genres that we Cover" Here you get to decide which 3 genres, industries, or promotion in the below sections that best fits what you want to contribute and cover. Then also choose 2 back ups, just in case the first ones you chose is solidified.

"WEBSITE LAYOUT" Marketing/ Promotional Tools


absolute must-haves in (each Genre: Fashion, Music, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Pop-Culture, Electronics) Highlights of Products and its uses , suggested to the consumers, buyers, audience that these products have been tested, honored, or proven to be of good use, meeting some guidelines.


Products reviewed and nominated by the general viewers/subscribers of the Network.

“INTERVIEWS”(Live and Pre-Recorded)(Written/Recorded)

from Emerging and Established Businesses /Brands /Persons in the Following Genres; Fashion, Music, Health, Beauty, Fitness, Pop-Culture, Electronics, Politics, Gaming


Daily to Weekly Write ups and Interviews/Promotional Videos from Emerging Artist and Brands to promote on and off of our Network. (Selective Panel of Music Reps, Publishers, Engineers)


Weekly write ups, interviews, videos, and ratings of the hottest venues, events, and hosting submitted by our Network Contributors.


Everyday bloggers and contributors that gives you updated information and videos from their designated area of broadcasting.


Topics and Controversial Debates about things and situations that effect us or attempt to effect us in our everyday lives. (Mainly influenced by the readers, subscribers, consumers) Weekly votes on hottest blogs and “point of views” from our Networks premier bloggers, contributors, editors, etc.


A weekly to daily updated list of Castings, Fashion Shows, Showcases, events, appearances, tv shows, grand openings, auditions, sports, and much more” (used primarily to promote businesses/brands/ and persons but also to give consumers, artist, models, actors, and other people inquiring about industry events, a chance to have direct access to the information about these events before they come. Hopefully being of use for bookings and other services.


A weekly promotion for vendors and sponsors to showcase and present products, networks, and other services to the subscribers.


a tab where subscribes can tune in directly to streaming shows, performances, interviews, debates, panel discussions, celebrity sitings, and more.


a Tab where we discuss and screenshot celebrities, public figures, politicians, companies, and other major entities, mess ups, arguments, and wrong doing while online. (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)


where we discuss Everything Sports, from celebrity sitings and appearances, games, schedules, ranks, weekly favorites, fashion, and interviews.


where we discuss and present to our subscribers the latest trends, topics, and Fashion Do’s and Dont’s. Giving a platform for Designers, Stylist, MUA’S, Hairstylist, Boutiques, Stores, and Creative Directors to be presented and highlighted in a professional way, in return gaining business expansion, reviews, and Positive Feedback.


where we highlight and bring honor to the domestic and international public figures, philanthropists, and other well deserving persons that has and is striving to make a change in the community,” “LETS PROMOTE WORLD PEACE AND THE ABILITY ONE PERSON HAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD” “CONSISTENT COURAGE HONOREE)


where we highlight and give prizes to the subscribers that has made their mark on the website by consistently tuning in, commenting, debating, reviewing products, and promoting the network.

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Ajani Negasi

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