Mr.Ratermann 8th grade math and algebra 1

Mr. Karl Ratermann teaches 8th grade math and algebra one at the Troy Junior High.

His Major tasks are to educate the students, teach the curriculum, make the environment conducive and safe, and engaging supervising.

He believes having discipline and structure, and being enthusiastic, caring, energetic, prepared, and well versed are his personal skills necessary to be successful.
The education-related policies he is required to adhere to are FRPA, and and the state guidelines.
The interpersonal skills he finds most important are relating well with the students, this is because it will make them feel more comfortable.
Before he started, he wishes he knew how much energy it takes.

Back in his day..... Just kidding. But when he became licensed, he didn't take tests like there is now. Although, he has a permanent license for 7-12th grade.

Mr. Ratermann's greatest satisfaction as a teacher is the "Light Bulb" or "Ah Ha" moment for the students who don't get it then do. It is the "evolution of success".

If there was one thing he could change about his job, it would be the testing.

Mr. Ratermann only spends a couple of hours a day at home/work om school related tasks. This is because most of his worksheets and such are already on his computer. He tweaks them by changing names and using different pictures, etc. He also makes new quizzes/worksheets/etc. sometimes.
The general Salary range for a 8th grade teacher would be between around 30-35 thousand -- 85-90 thousand.

When I asked how his job affected his personal/family life, he shared with me that he used to be a basketball coach. He isn't anymore so he has more time and is always ready for the week.

For college, Mr. Ratermann went to Wright State
From college, he has taken the goals: "Who does what with what how well"

He assesses the students individual needs by doing collaborative group work, and pairing the students who know what they are doing with the students who are struggling.

When asked, "What are the effects of social and economic conditions in education?" Mr. Ratermann informed me that studies have shown that families with more money are more successful and families with less money are less successful.
Overall, Mr. Ratermann is a great teacher who cares about all of his students. He strives to help the students become independent and ready for high school. He is there every single day to helps every student as much as he can. He puts extra information on the boards if needed and uses songs, etc. to help the students understand better. He helps the students help each other. He does a great job at relating well with all of his students by putting their names into the problems on their worksheets and quizzes. He is always very well prepared for anything and everything thrown at him. Eighth grade is an interesting year and difficult for some, but he can make it go well for every student.
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