The Devine: A play for sarah bernhardt Christina Lim


Although I did not have much theatre knowledge, I believed this play was interesting. I initially walked in only knowing the title of the play and was intrigued by the variety of topics presented throughout the play. This performance opened my eyes to life in the 1900s and to the art of theatre itself.

In front of the theatre


The moment I stepped into the theatre, my eyes directly went to the structure of the stage. I noticed the design and composition of the stage and immediately attempted to guess the setting of the play. I liked the use of windows and the effect of light. The dim lighting also caught my attention, allowing me to observe the emotional atmosphere of the play. The size of the theatre was relatively small, allowing the audience to create some type of connection with performance. The stage also extended past the curtain line which allowed the actors to immerse themselves with the audience. I was seated beside the extension of the stage, giving me a deeper connection with the actors. I believe the role of space creates a nice, stable environment for forming the good life. The people and emotions that surround you contribute to the search for the good life and that is controlled by the space you live in.

View of the stage from my seat

the social experience

I viewed this play with three of my close friends. We made sure we were able to watch the show together because we wanted to share the experience. We prepared for the performance by briefly looking up the title of the play and reading throughout the assignment given to us. I believe watching the play with close friends allowed us to have the opportunity to discuss the contents of the play as it ended. Shared experiences allow you to gain various perspectives as you share your feelings with those around you. Gaining different opinions allows you to widen your own perspective so you can embody the good life.

the cultural and intellectual experience

The play was set in the early 1900s and dealt with many social issues such as oppression of the church, poverty, censorship, and more. Since I never directly experienced life in that time period, a lot of the concepts were not topics I was familiar with. I was not very knowledgeable about life in the factory nor about priesthood. This play allowed me to open my perspectives and understand more about that certain time period. It also allowed me to appreciate my culture due to the fact we are given many more opportunities than those in the 1900s. I became much more aware of the issues occurring then and how different those issues were to the ones occurring now. The main difference I noticed was the change in the amount of freedom and economic opportunities. Due to the different circumstances, I could not relate on a personal level on the issues presented in the play.

the emotional experience

The topics seen in this play can definitely be considered socially uncomfortable. The issues presented ranged from the corruption of innocence, lies and secrets, censorship, oppression of the church, and the abuse of labor. The discussion of these topics allows the audience to remember the tragic society caused by these issues and to improve our way of living. Reminding people of how our society once was allows them to continue to improve our society in order for us to never return to the difficult and unfair life of the 1900s. I believe this opportunity is how the play offers the audience a chance for katharsis.

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