Journal entry 1 Amnesty international- Diary cover

Planning process


The organisation's logo

Amnesty International are a charity organisation, dedicated to providing equal human rights to all individuals and groups. They recquire a diary cover to be constructed for the purpose of selling and raising money for their cause.

"Our vision is of a world in which every person – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity – enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other internationally recognized human rights standards." - Amnesty International mission statement


The target audience is considerably wide, as the organisations aids and targets itself towards a wide diversity of people. And as a result, the design would be one that would have to be universally acceptable. This would include people of varying socioeconomic backgrounds, cultural heritage, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. As for those who the support the organisation, it would be people that have a fair amount of disposable income. And in terms of products, they seem to be selling towards younger people (Gen Y and Z), based on their designs being very minimalist and sleek, which would appeal to that particular audience, whilst also being universally appealing.


To be able to sell to supporters of the organisation, as well as being functional and desirable as a product. The cover should also fit in with the design precedence incorporated by the organisation.


The diary cover would be for personal use and most likely carried around. It could also be used within a personal or work-space office. As for its point of sale location, it would be seen at events relevant to or held by Amnesty International, as well as on their online store.


Some of the major design constraints would be: Design precedence, such as colour schemes and imagery. Printing limitations and expenses, certain inks would be used more than others, especially with yellow and black being the primary colours used by Amnesty International designs and ink usage in the CMYK colour model. Finally, the medium and purpose of it being a diary cover would limit the design by being only design concepts to diary covers and not another medium (i.e T-shirt, mugs, posters, etc).

Main colours used by Amnesty International
The CMYK colour model


Idea to acknowledge:

Keeping in line with most designs by Amnesty International, it would have to be minimalist and stream lined with nothing overly complex. An example of this would be their logo and some of their t-shirt designs. However some of their poster designs have incorporated visually complex imagery and colours, whilst still paying homage to the core elements of the organisation's designs.

Unisex t-shirt design- "Key Tee"
Amnesty International logo
Amnesty International Poster

Weekly basis time line:


Client Products:

On their online store they sell: Greeting cards, variety of clothing, books, technology accessories and environmentally friendly coffee products (no longer available).

Audience -2:

The design trends they have adopted are taking from contemporary art styles, with bright colours and intricate visual messages, whilst also being simplistic and easy to comprehend. Another trend they have implemented are contemporary font types, such as the logo for their "The America I Believe In" project, being an example of this. These designs tend to appeal younger audiences, from ages 14-25 years old, whilst also having broad appeal regardless of age.

The "America I Believe In" logo


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Amnesty International poster taken from:

CMYK colour model - Public Domain

Amnesty International project "The America I Believe In" logo: and

Amnesty International logo taken from:

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