Pollution is a global issue and many environmentalists and countries have put effortlessly into reducing their carbon emissions

Air pollution is the major type of pollution that mostly affects our society.

In Monterrey, air pollution is becoming a major concern because it affects public health and the environment.

The major problem is that people are unaware of the problem, because the government has not been transparent in providing accurate information of each companies’ emissions.

Unfortunately, citizens of Monterrey are unaware of this present issue; consequently, it will result in inertia and no legal action will be taken to control the pollution of the numerous factories. The citizens ignore the consequences of air pollution, because the government has not taken the initiative to inform them about how harmful this pollution is, and how it is created. According to an article on air pollution by the Proceso newspaper, “most of the population (60%) ignores the quality of the air they are breathing, since the government fails to provide accurate information” (“Pollution causes 14,000 deaths a year in Mexico.”). In fact, this statistic proves that the people in Monterrey fail to see Monterrey as a polluted city since the government is not being transparent about it. The government has not given the citizens how pollution is damaging the environment and how the citizens of Monterrey are going over the standard pollution rates.

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