MorphGlas™ Push button privacy for Acousti-Clear® Motorized

Modernfold, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new innovative addition to the Acousti-Clear® Motorized product line: MorphGlas™.

MorphGlas™, a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal product (PDLC), allows users to instantly convert clear glass to opaque – or vice versa – at the touch of a button. This new option offers powerful capabilities in design, convenience, and safety.

The unique ability to provide both acoustical control (up to 45 STC) and now instant privacy makes Acousti-Clear® and MorphGlas™ the perfect tandem for offices, schools, or any other environment that desires space division, flexibility, daylighting, and acoustical control.

See MorphGlas™ in action:

The transition from clear to opaque glass, enabling the switch from clear visibility and daylighting to full privacy, is practically instantaneous when the control button is pushed. MorphGlas™ is just one of many features available with Acousti-Clear®, including motorized venetian blinds that can be raised, lowered, or simply tilted. In all these low voltage options, the simple use of a button provides privacy when needed and full daylight when not.

MorphGlas™, offered in up to 45 STC Acousti-Clear® Motorized single glass panels, has been thoroughly UL® tested and certified, a necessary specifiable feature for architects and interior designers in many projects.

With safety an essential concern in many facilities today, Modernfold's Acousti-Clear® Protector Series, a line-of-sight deployment system, allows users to push a single button and automatically activate MorphGlas™ or deploy blinds within Acousti-Clear® movable walls to quickly and efficiently eliminate sight lines in an emergency situation.

Whether a facility has a single wall or numerous Acousti-Clear® movable walls, the Protector Series can be programmed for push-button activation for an individual wall or by a master control. With or without the MorphGlas™ feature, Acousti-Clear® Protector Series gives facility personnel peace of mind, knowing that complete sight line separation is just a simple push of a button away in an emergency situation. This is another reason why Acousti-Clear® movable walls are the clear choice for your next space division challenge.

MorphGlas™ Summary

  • New option within Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear® Motorized product line
  • Instantly switches between clear and opaque glass with the touch of a button
  • Thoroughly UL® tested and certified
  • Innovative advancement in technology
  • Provides acoustical control (up to 45 STC) and push button privacy
  • Perfect for space division, flexibility, and daylighting
  • Low-voltage polymer-dispersed technology
  • Offers powerful capabilities in design, convenience, and safety

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