SUMMIT Network building game

You, and several friends, are competing to reach the top of a mountain. But beware, once you begin climbing, your friends may turn traitor and hinder your climbing progress. Each day, you have a certain amount of energy to complete certain tasks and build your climbing route.Create your own path, race to the top and be the player with the most points, but don't be last because you automatically lose!


The goal is to score the highest number of points without being the slowest to reach the peak. The person who finishes last is automatically out of the running to win.


Summit Game Board
  • 2-4 players
  • 1 game board
  • 40 player pieces per player (160)


Each player chooses a starting point at the bottom of the mountain. Players may not choose the same starting point, but climbing routes may overlap. Place one player piece each on your respective starting points. If there is a conflict on who gets to start on what point, simply decide in whatever manner you wish, be it Rock-Paper-Scissors, flipping a coin, or rolling a die.


  • At the start of each day, each player has a base of 2 Energy to conduct actions.
  • Climbing vertically costs 2 Energy.
  • Camping is horizontal movement and costs 1 Energy.
  • Resting costs 2 Energy, but on the following day, a player is well-rested and has 5 Energy. If a player chooses to Rest, they must do so as their first action and it immediately ends the player’s turn, regardless of leftover Energy.
  • Sabotaging costs 2 Energy, and destroys a climbing block. This can only be done on squares that have no player pieces on them.
  • Repairing takes 4 Energy, and fixes a sabotaged block. When a player repairs a block, they also can place a player piece on that square.


A player cannot sabotage the Summit square nor the row directly below it. However, the third row and below can be sabotaged.

If two or more players have the same total score, it is the player who finished first between them that wins.


An example of being the first to camp a row and gain double points
  • Each player piece in the finished route is worth 1 point.
  • The first player to finish is awarded 3 bonus points for speed.
  • If a player has player pieces on an entire row through Camping, that row’s initial point value is doubled. For example, a 3 square row is treated as 6 points rather than 3.
  • The last player to finish cannot win and is out of the running for scoring.

Game End/ Determining the Winner

  1. When all players but one have climbed to the Summit.
  2. Determining the Winner
  3. Most points wins.



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