value, emphasis, unity Maddie Stephens

My artwork looks like a magical tree. The subject is nature mixed with fantasy. The title of my artwork is "Rainbowed Nature". The tree structure is the most obvious element in my artwork. I used acrylic paint,watercolor,glitter, and tissue paper. I used a paintbrush and a cup with water and used the tissue paper to bleed the color onto the canvas board. I was inspired by a picture that I found when I was researching. My artwork doesn't express a social issue. My artwork expresses happiness but yet darkness. My goals were to show value, emphasis, and unity. I showed value by the colors on the tree blending together. I showed emphasis by the tree structure standing out. And finally, I showed unity by using rainbow colors for the tree. This piece of artwork does reach my goals because it had detail and expression. I learned that you need to put time and effort into your artwork. The final piece is exactly what I imagined. It is because the colors on the leaves blended so nicely and the glitter added a bit of sparkle. This will influence my future artworks in a way that says I need to put value, emphasis, and unity into my artwork.

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