Art in the Good Life By: ryan mccane

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist: When looking at this piece by John Chamberlain, the medium in which it was created was quite unique to me, as I have never seen art created from aluminum foil. Seeing this piece in person is the only way you can fully appreciate his work, one of the main reasons being its 3D characteristic. From a photo online, or even multiple photos at different angles, you are only getting one perspective of the work at a time, and a key point in understanding this work is being able to articulate yourself around the work to understand it as a whole. Being up close to the piece allows you to see all the intricate layers put into this, and helps you feel the passion and expression John put into his work. When looking at this artwork, it is to no surprise the most striking aspect of it is being primarily constructed of Aluminum foil. However, when reading the background of the inspiration behind the piece, about John's passion to express the American culture of cars, it really connected to me. This work of art brought our a feeling of bliss in me, as typically I am not an expertise in the artistic field, but I am very knowledge in automotive's. Being able to connect with a piece because of it's overarching meaning of culture in America is what made it stand out so much to me, and thus being my favorite artwork in my experience at the Harn.
Design of the Museum: In the Spotlight: Latin America exhibit, the room felt very spacious, where all the pieces of art were placed in a way in which they could be viewed and enjoyed individually from each-other, which enhanced my experience when in this wing. What really caught my attention in this wing, however, was it's large class windows with a view of the rock garden. This room, unlike many of the other, felt less artificial, less use of organic light was needed as the sun provided a naturalistic feeling in the room, which helped present the pieces in their natural form. This room made me feel at one with the artwork, as most of these artworks were not created at the hands of upper class artists, but at the hands of talented individuals in middle to lower class society. The natural light and spacious presentation of the artwork helped connect the artwork from the region in which it came, which made me connect better with the piece and from which it was created.
Art and Core Values: Art to me is something that should bring out happiness within you, be able to personally connect with you in some way or another, and the piece in the photo does just that. My life has revolved around traveling, discovering new areas, being able to experience the lifestyles and cultures of others around the world first hand, and this artwork does just that. This piece represents a culture that other may not be able to see, may not be able to travel to in order to experience it, and thats one of the great abilities of art. Art has the ability to transcend cultures and lifestyles through its medium, something so unique about it which gives it such importance, especially in my life. The way the piece uses local festival ornaments and clothing from that culture to express the lively hood in that area is the best way to cherish and understand the lifestyles of others second hand.
Art and the Good Life: In my major Biology, ethics is very serious, and constantly evolving. Often every day or week ethics within a hospital can change, and if not followed correctly and precisely could lead to serious repercussions for the doctor and the hospital. Because society is changing constantly along with it's values, and with new techniques and instruments for surgeries are being created every day, ethics are evolving with it to not only protect the patients and their families, but to protect our humanities. To me this piece represents the value of transparency in ethics, in order to advance as a society one must be clear with ones values and be able to express them to others. With a wholistic idea of the values of a society, ethics can advance, but without input from others no advancements can be made. This piece to me represents the values of advancing ethically in order to achieve a more enlightened good life for all society.


taken by Ryan McCane at the Harn museum

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