Jax My Story

DAY OF RESCUE - Aug 13, 2016. On the day of 'Operation Rescue Jax', (northern Oklahoma), he was found chained to planks in a 6’ x 8’ barn stall that had minimal light, no ventilation and dirty water. He was inflicted with fleas and ticks, covered in feces, had signs of malnutrition, with wounds on his stomach and legs.
MEDICAL EVALUATION by Dr. Martin, Great Plains SPCA - Aug 16, 2016. Once we returned to Kansas City (our hometown), Jax was taken to Great Plains SPCA Vet Clinic in Mission, Kansas. He weighed 37 pounds, had severe hip and back pain (from possible physical abuse), both internal/external parasites. An immediate wellness program was started to address conditions caused by neglect and abuse.
ROAD to RECOVERY - Aug 15-31, 2016. Jax was required to rest the first two weeks to help with healing and to gain strength. We had to teach Jax how to eat out of bowl and sleep on a dog bed, we introduced him to toys, and provided 24-7 security and love to start the process of rebuilding his broken spirit.

INTRODUCTION to TESS - Jax met Tess, our white Australian Cattle Dog, after his initial vet evaluation. Tess immediately went to work giving motherly comfort and protection to Jax.

Tess helped Jax learn basic socializing skills and how to play with toys.

She helped him with his anxiety about riding in cars.

Tess played a critical role is helping Jax gain trust in his new environment, reclaim his personality and spirit, and learn how to have fun.

ALL THINGS NEW - Sept & Oct 2016. During this time, Jax was learning a "new normal" ... one without chains, plenty of food and water, a warm bed ... and what it feels like to be loved with positive social engagement.
With Tess by his side, Jax began enjoying his new life journey.
In October 2016, Dr. Martin gave the OK for Jax to increase his daily physical activity. Our first activity was an outing at Shawnee Mission Park, where Tess taught Jax how to swim and have fun.
Once Jax was able to trust again, he began to embrace new friendships of all kinds.
With the support of many, Jax's time of healing for body, mind and spirit was a positive progressive experience.
FOREVER HOME, Nov 2016. After four months, Jax was healthy and ready to enter the Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue adoption program. After we signed Jax over to the rescue, which allowed them to begin the process in finding him a permanent home, there was sadness in our family in knowing Jax would soon leave us. In our hearts, we knew Jax was already home ... and with help of Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue, we made the decision for him to stay with us forever.
CHRISTMAS, Dec 2016. Jax experienced his first family Christmas. He enjoyed the day playing and opening presents with the kids. Tess on the other hand had to accept the fact that Christmas toys now had to be shared.
David helping teach the concept of sharing new toys between Tess and Jax.
NATURAL BORN TALENT - 2017. Jax puts his natural talent to work by joining the family's interest in dog agility competitions. At his first NADAC show in Lawrence, Kansas (March 2017) Jax earned 9 Qs and 12 blue ribbons.
TODAY. Jax will never again be "Just a Dog". He is a member of our family who will be forever loved, cherished and safe.
Thank You Animal Rescue Angel - Rachel Dodwell - who contacted us for help in removing Jax from an abusive environment.
Thank You Dr. Martin and her team at Great Plains SPCA in Mission, Kansas, for their medical expertise and tender loving care in supporting Jax's physical and emotional recovery.
Thank You Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue for your counsel and participation in Jax's physical and emotional healing process.
Thank You to The Dog's Spot Dog Training Center for helping Jax realize his natural talent and new found love for competitive agility.

JAX. My Story. As told by Lisa Adams in Kansas City, Kansas.

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Lisa Adams

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