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Broken Branches

His story has a simple beginning. Dave was a regular guy. He was the father of three children and the husband of an adoring wife. The others came from a disgruntled workplace and a growing anger inside of him. Most days were good for Dave. He spent ample time with his family - mostly happy times. They had weekly bowling nights, and he regularly took his kids out for treats. Their life at home was happy. Usually.

I enjoy my weekly family nights. It is finally a chance for all of us to be together. The kids love bowling, and my wife loves to be out of the house. We had an amazing night at the bowling ally. The pizza sure puts a smile on the kid’s faces. I live for their smiles. There is no other feeling like this. I wish I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow morning. My boss treats us all like shit. I stay because the benefits and pay are good, but I have no idea how long I can last there. I have never had a boss treat me so terribly before. I find myself daydreaming of his death. This place is ruining my sanity.

My wife asked me the strangest question when I got home from work the next day. She asked me what happened to my boss. Her face looked so afraid and disturbed. I had no idea what she was talking about. I told her that he wasn’t in today, but I assumed he was just out sick. No one told me otherwise. She just kept staring at me. I followed her to the back yard, and she showed me. She showed me his body. It was horrifying. My boss lay there with his head bashed in. Blood everywhere. She looked at me again with tears streaming down her face. I assured her I had no idea what had happened. But when I reached to her to comfort her, something in me changed. Everything went black.

I couldn’t let Dave stay in control. She was going to rat us out. I had to take charge and clean things up. There was no one around, besides his dead boss. Dave really hated him. Realistically, I was doing him a favour. His stupid wife didn’t move anything from the body, so the shovel was still beside it. She really should have seen this coming. I slowly bent down and grabbed the shovel. Never breaking her eye contact and she continuously asked what happened. When I was finally standing again, she started backing away when she saw my grip tighten on the shovel. Before she could run, I swung the shovel back and rammed it into her skull. She fell immediately. Blood is pouring on the ground. It was 2 pm so the kids would be home in the next hour. As quick as I could, I took the bodies and dumped them in a dumpster behind a butcher shop a few blocks away. I then mowed the grass and cleaned up the blood.

People keep asking me where my wife was. I wish I knew. I don’t know where she is. One minute we were talking and the next minute people are questioning me. She didn't leave a note. She didn't take any of her things. I fear the worst has happened. My kids and I are lost. We haven’t left the house in days. The only time I feel normal right now is swimming with my kids. They love it. It isn’t the same without my wife in her lawn chair. The kids notice it too. Another odd thing is the grass. I can’t remember the last time I mowed it. Did a neighbour? That isn’t the strangest part though. There seem to be some strands of grass with a sticky red on them. Almost like blood. One of the kids must have a cut somewhere. That must be it. It can't be my wife's blood. I refuse to think she could really be dead.

Inner Troubles

I can’t stand being stuck with these kids constantly. Wish the woman was still here. They keep asking to go to the pool or to go bowling. Why would I want to do that? They are so annoying. I don’t know how people do it. If that woman were still here, they would leave me alone. The youngest brat kept asking to go for ice cream. It was about the fifth whine that I smashed the hall mirror. She was so persistent. She screamed and ran outside. One of the kids called the cops. I think it is all an over reaction. Social services came shortly after they called and took them away. I was probably supposed to fight more as the father, but I was glad they were gone. Man, those kids are annoying. Granted, I was going to jail now. At least for the night anyways. I was glad to get a good night away. I am sure Dave would try to get them back at first light. I don't see the point. He is better off without them.

No one is telling me what is going on. I woke up in a jail cell. I have no idea where my kids are, and my hand is wrapped in bloodied bandages. The other people in here keep looking at me weird. Like they are angry at me. I don't know any of these men. What happened to me? I don't remember drinking, but I must have blacked out. I have been waiting for hours.

I got released on a warning. I still have no idea what I did. Not really. They said I hit a mirror. But I don't remember ever doing that. The officers told me my kids were at social services. Was I drinking? I have no idea what made them end up there. Was it all because I apparently hit a mirror? I don't know what would possess me to do that. That isn't me. At the social services building, they told me everything. They said if I can’t remember, it must have been a drinking issue. My kids still won’t look at me, but the social worker gave me the okay to take them home. With much reluctance, the kids came with me. I offered to take them for ice cream or bowling, but none of them responded, so I just took them home.

They still won’t talk to me at the house. I figure whatever I did was bad and I should give them space. I was going to make dinner when I passed the broken mirror. There were shards of glass on the floor and blood in among the pieces. I really did hit the mirror like the police said. I grabbed a brush and bin to clean up the pieces. I saw my youngest out of the corner of my eye for a moment before she ran off. I stood up and looked at myself in the broken mirror. My hair looked like a dirty mop; I don’t think I have shaved since my wife died and my eyes were bloodshot. I tried to remember what happened. But I couldn’t.

The Dragon Emerges

My hands won’t stop shaking. I can hear this whisper. This incessant whisper. It won’t leave me alone. I hear it all the time. Everything around me makes no sense. I can’t try to fix anything with this damn whisper. I feel like I am being watched or followed, but there is never anyone around. My boss is dead. My wife is dead. My kids avoid me. I don't recognize my life anymore.

I don’t know what I just saw. It was me. I think. It looked like me. I mean I was standing in front of the mirror. But that wasn’t me. My reflection winked at me. I know that sounds crazy. But it did. Or I did? It couldn’t be me. No. Not as I continue to stare and he gives me a sinister smile. I must be losing it. I could have sworn to mirror me just told me he wanted to come out now. The voices are getting worse in my head. I tried sitting down. I thought that would make the voices calm down, but they didn’t. One voice kept telling me it was his turn. The other kept telling me that voice was a terrible one and should never come out. I couldn’t take it. I went to the medicine cupboard and took bloody everything. I could feel my body falling into a sickening sleep.

About fucking time. Those idiots were ruining this body. Dave will thank me one day. For the time being, he can have a nap. I don't need him. Those damn kids have been up all night talking. I can’t stand it. I went to Dave’s night stand and grabbed the key. I went to his closet and grabbed the safety box. I took out his gun and went to those noisy kids and shot them. I dropped the gun and left. Finally some quiet.

Neighbours can’t mind their damn business. The cops showed up as I was getting ready to leave. What was Dave thinking living here? With these people? They are just wastes of space. I ran for it. A new start without being locked in his mind. Waiting for him to live. Guess he can’t live without me. The only downside is driving off in this shitty hybrid. Hopefully I can find a decent place to hide out in for awhile.

The story had a relatively simple ending. He got as far as the town border before a line of police cars blocked his way. He got out of the car like they asked, but refused to surrender. When they gave him his final warning, he ran at one of the police officers. He reached for their weapon, but before he could even attempt to grab it, two officers behind him shot him. He fell to the ground and began to bleed out.

The End of Dave


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