Intro to Art 2016 - 2017 Olivia Gorham

I took intro to Art because I wanted to try something new and get out of my comfort zone.

Drawing strategies

drawing strategy: edges and contours
drawing strategy: spaces (positive and negative)
drawing strategy: relationships and proportions
drawing strategy: light and shadows


My drawing skills have improved from the beginning of the year to now majorly. I say this because I drew the common stereotypical pictures whereas now I see the realistic side of art. For example, if you look at the first hand I drew compared to the second hand I drew it improved drastically.
My finished portrait involves chiaroscuro. Chiaroscuro is the contrast from light and dark within an object.

portrait drawing

On day one of my portrait drawing, it appears as if it was drawn by a young child and doesn't look anything like anyone and the proportions are definitely off. The test run that we drew, I started to get the hang of things and I understood what I drew was very stereotypical and looked nothing like a real person. The final project, I fully understand where the proportions belong and how they should look, and I took my time to get the small details.

Closing information

If I could have more time on a piece of art work, I would choose these two. The crosshatching one I didn't take my time as much as I could've and on the vases I really rushed my background shadow and I have quite a few outlines that need to be erased.

Most improvement

My drawing ability and my technical skills have changed so much from not knowing how to draw at all and coming from no experience in art, I've changed for the better.
Second semester

What did I learn the most from second semester?

From second semester I learned the most from oil pastel ferrofluid. There was a lot of science behind the whole concept of the ferrofluid and the magnet. I also learned that oil and water don't mix!

What did I learn about color theory?

The color theory taught me me many things. From my chalk pastel I learned that there are so many other colors that mix or blend together and not just the common ones on the color wheel that you see every day. Also from my heliograph water painting, I learned that you have to take into consideration the colors you choose to blend because complements don't mix well at all with the watercolors and I also leaned that you have to let the water move the colors, not me blending the colors together.

Which medium did I feel like I did master?

I felt like I mastered the watercolor project. I made a few minor mistakes but in the end I allowed myself to let the water do the work and didn't try to rush anything. I leaned that the sunlight gives the paint and black paper the best outcome and it's the strongest option overall because of the heat. The other options were flourescent lights and spotlights, and those were both not similar to the sun to give it that cool effect.

Which medium did I feel like I couldn't master?

I felt like I couldn't master my oil pastel. I found it really difficult because of the oil patsels texture that it was hard to get a smooth blend and not a rough one. I felt when we were doing the techniques, that I just couldn't get it right and don't correctly and I easily frustrated myself. I began to get better at oil pastel but it was definitely very difficult to feel satisfied when using them.

My improvement...

I feel like the two areas I improved the most in are my attitude towards art and my creativity. My attitude was always negative and I always thought to myself that, I should've never taken art because I'm not good at art like the person next to me. Now being in the second semester, I learned if I just apply myself and have confidence in my art, I will succeed and do well. My creativity has increased as well. I used to always use the first idea that came to my mind and I wouldn't give the project more thought and more ideas. I would also use the same colors repeatedly. I was very generic and basic. Now, I take a little more time to think about what could be done to use my creativity to the best of my ability.

What did I discover about myself as an artist this year?

I would've never guessed I would be taking an art class at all in my life. Art was never my thing you could say. Taking art has really shown me to be open to new ideas and new things. As an artist I feel like I have come a long way. I started out nervous, non-confident, and with no artistic ability. My teacher and my classmates pushed me to work harder and I did and I have improved greatly. As an artist I discovered I am good at listening to new ideas and I also discovered that sometimes if I don't understand an instruction or if a project is kind of difficult, I could use last knowledge from art to help answer a question for myself.

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