In this Visual Lady Cajun is gone show you what it's like to be a boss. We take a journey with our new star as flexes her muscle. Mansions, foreign Cars, stacks of money and last but not least a Boss. A fly dude that has the swag and demeanor to hold Lady Cajun down.

We open with an aerial shot of the mansion we then establish Lady as she walks in slow motion by the pool. Also around the pool we see Lady's crew of females. They all relax pool side sipping on Mimosas.... Lady's Boss dude looks over the balcony checking on the ladies. He puffs a cigar as he looks down on the ladies relaxing. Lady will perform in this setup.

We will have a driving scene that we will capture with a drone and car to car. Based on the vehicle used. It will determine if Lady is the driver or the passenger. We will capture a performance in this setup also.

We then transition to beauty shots of lady in the jacuzzi tube in the plush mansion. While Lady is being pampered her Boss dude is in the basement counting up money with his team. We will capture tons of broll and cutaways in this setup really showing Lady's plush lifestyle.

Our last setup is a celebration of some sorts. Lady and her Boss are both dressed to impress. A personal chef prepares a private dinner for the couple. Lady and her Boss dude celebrate success as they enjoy each other's company. Lady will perform in this setup as well. We will also capture a master performance against a solid backdrop. This performance will be the one that's glues the video together.

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