Robert George Cole By: Emma Sanchez

Chapters: Life as a Soldier, D-Day Operations, A Heroic Death, Glossary, Work Cited.

Life as a Soldier

Robert G. Cole Was Born On March, 19 1915 in Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio to Colonel Clarence F. Cole, ( His Father) an army doctor and Clara H. ( His Mother) He Then went to To Thomas Jefferson High School. Then, He graduated High School in San Antonio in 1933. Then Later In His Years joined the United States Army on July 1, 1934. On June 26, 1935, He Joined a Military Academy at West Point. He Then Graduated The Class of 1939 and then returned home to marry Allie Mae Wilson ( His soon to be wife) He Was Then announced a second lieutenant( Defininition in back) to the 15th Infantry @ Fort Lewis, Washington in 1939, and remained there till the 501st Parachute Infantry @ Fort Benning, Georgia in the year 1941. In March 1941 he earned his jump wings, rapidly advancing ranks @ Fort Benning as the parachute Infantry Expanded. He then became a lieutenant colonel Battalion (Definition in back) Of the 502nd Parachute Infantry on June, 6th 1944 The date of his units first combat jump

D-Day Operations

Robert Parachuted down To Normandy to help more of his unit. By the evening of June 6 he had gathered 75 Men. They captured exit 3 at Saint Martin de Varrevile behind Utah Beach to welcome men from the 4th Infantry Unit Coming Ashore .

A Heroic Death

On September 18, 1944, During Operation market garden Cole, Commanding the 3rd Battalion An Officer asked him to put orange lights on the plane for safety and security reasons. Suddenly a shot was fired by a German sniper in a farmhouse only 300 yards away, killing Cole instantly. Two weeks later he earned the purple heart.

Glossary: Battalion: A large body of troops ready for battle, especially an infantry unit forming part of a brigade typically commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Second Lieutenant: Second lieutenant (called under-lieutenant in some countries) is a junior commissioned officer military rank in many armed forces. Like the United Kingdom, the rank of second lieutenant replaced the rank of ensign and cornet in 1871. The rank of second lieutenant was phased out in the Australian Regular Army in 1986.

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