Tesla: the Netherlands & the United States Speedsters

Key Stories: The United States

2008: Tesla releases its first electric car, the Tesla Roadster in the United States


2012: Tesla announces the release of the luxury Model S


2016: Tesla releases new semi-autonomous features in their Model S and Model X


Key Stories: The Netherlands

2013: Tesla opens up its first factory in the Netherlands in Tilburg



2016: The Netherlands is decided as the location for a $5 billion battery factory


Problems: The United States

May 7th, 2016: Joshua Brown, owner of a Tesla Model S sedan, is in a fatal crash as a result of the failure of the Autopilot system



Problems: The Netherlands

September 7th, 2016: A Dutchman dies after his Tesla collided with a tree; the cause of the accident is unknown


Response to the Brand

The United States

  • 59% Positive / 34% Negativity
  • Average Passion Score: 51 / 100
  • Positive Intensity: 45
  • Negative Intensity: 36

The Netherlands

  • 61% Positive / 30% Negativity
  • Average Passion Score 11 / 100
  • Positive Intensity: 18
  • Negative Intensity: 9.4

Consumer Perceptions

The United States


  • Anticipation: 28%
  • Joy: 3.9%
  • Disgust: 2.2%
  • Anger: 1.8%
  • Sadness: 2.2%
  • Surprise: 4%
  • Fear: 4.2%
  • Trust: 11%

Post Frequency

  • High during the summer months and low during the fall and winter months consistently
  • Noticed large changes in frequency and themes of posts surrounding launches of new models or technology (Model S and Model X in 2012) and the accident in Florida (2016)

The Netherlands


  • Anticipation: 7%
  • Joy: 1.3%
  • Disgust: 0.3%
  • Anger: 0.4%
  • Sadness: 0.5%
  • Surprise: 1.3%
  • Fear: 1.6%
  • Trust: 2.7%

Post Frequency

  • High during the summer months and low during the fall and winter months consistently
  • Noticed large changes in frequency and themes of posts surrounding the opening of new factories (2013 & 2016) and the accident (2016)

Take Aways & Suggestions for Tesla

  • Definitely a male focused brand
  • Those involved most with the brand are well-off and educated
  • These individuals most likely would or could not buy a Tesla yet are actively engaging in the conversation
  • Using males in commercials, using appealing verbiage to that group, etc.

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