The 'Merican Dream Tyler Bloomfield (Period 4)

The American Dream has many definitions and differs from person to person, but there is usually one thing in common out of all of these interpretations. They all include some form of freedom of what they, the person them-self, want to do. Which is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of America isn't it? Freedom!

Freedom! 'Merica!

What I have planned to do after high school is to get enough money to go to a good college, university, or art school that specializes in video game development and stay in there until I at least got a bachelor's degree. It has been my dream job since I realized that a job like that existed and also when I learned that people made games and not robots like I previously thought... I was not a smart kid.

For my ten year goals, I haven't really thought that far ahead, but I guess if I'm still in college then stay in college till graduation. If I'm out there in the real world, I would hopefully find a good company that I'm interested in, or even better I could try to be an Indie game developer and try to create my own company. Then, when I gain all my personal riches I can achieve greater heights and rule the world. All hail, Tyler! ALL HAIL, TYLER!! That joke was really dumb, I know.

A documentary of how it's like to live the life of an indie game developer. It isn't an easy life I can say that. It's a really good documentary I highly recommend it to anyone, who is interested in stuff like that.

A few obstacles I'll expect to come across my path, other than my mental issues and self-doubts. I am more than curtain that I'll come across people who tell me I can't and people who try to give me a handicap. Maybe a few bullies and jerks across the way, but they never tend to have bothered me at all.

How I plan to overcome these obstacles, which are pretty easy solutions to me at least. For the people who tell me I can't, I just show them the middle finger and do it anyway. I remember my Mom saying that I was told I can't since I was two years old. Then, my doctor said "I would never talk, I would never learn anything, I would never live on my own, and I wouldn't even be able to wipe my own butt!!" Basically, he said I would be a vegetable my whole life. And boy, did I prove him wrong! The only person who says I can't is myself. For, the people who try to give me a handicap or make things easier for me I would practically do the same thing. I'll probably even try to do more than was intended, depending on the situation. Now, bullies, jerks, and just annoying, dumb, people as a whole, I can just do what I've always done in the past and just ignore them. Who gives a crap what they think? They are only destroying them-selves than anything.

For the quote that I chose that reflects my live's philosophy, I decided the first thing that came to mind when I look for a quote that reflects my thoughts and beliefs. "Memento Mori," if anyone is fluent in Latin, they would know that it means "remember you are mortal," or to put simply "you are going to die." Now despite how morbid and negative that sounds. Its true. Me and everyone in this world will die. Although, me being the weirdo that I am, find light in this old, nihilistic, religious saying. Many people, such as myself use it as an excuse to better themselves as a person. Although, it's true that my family and I are going to die, it doesn't mean that I am going to sit down and cry to myself in my sleep. Instead, I'm going to enjoy my small miserable life. I'm going to enjoy what small time I have instead of whining about what I don't have. I'm sorry if this sounds very dark. It doesn't relate much to the American dream, but I can't find anything more perfect for my philosophy. Basically what I'm trying to say is, try and do as much as possible in life. You can do everything, but try to do the most.

The human skull is very symbolic to Memento Mori. It is often used to depict the mortality of ones life.



The music of life, aka silence. Or maybe quiet background chattering.


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