How to Fix Wi-Fi Calling Isn’t Working on iOS and Apple Watch

Majority of people know about the Wi-Fi Calling feature on iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch as well, which enables the users to receive phone calls over the internet even on the Wi-Fi signals. The feature is stunning and appreciated by those who use it. But, after the new updates, it seems that the feature is not working correctly. The Wi-Fi Calling feature is not working on iOS devices and Apple Watch as well, unfortunately disabling the users to receive any call on Wi-Fi network. This could be frustrating, but there is no need to worry. If the Wi-Fi Calling feature is not working in your Apple device as well, then try the methods to troubleshoot the method. Let’s see the methods are making the approach to fix the Wi-Fi calling is not working problem.Fix Wi-Fi Calling Isn’t Working on iOS and Apple Watch

Here’s how to fix Wi-Fi is not working on Apple Watch.

Ensure Wi-Fi calling is enabled

Before doubting if there is a problem, you must ensure if Wi-Fi calling is active or not.

Open Settings app in iPhone.

Now go to Phone and tap Wi-Fi calling.

Ensure that Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone is enabled. The green color indicates that it is activated.

Try Hard Reboot

Hard Reboot varies in different models and iOS versions.

Hard Reboot for iPhone 6 Series– Long press the Volume Up Button + Home button. Keep the button pressed until the screen goes black and Apple logo appears.

Hard Reboot for iPhone 7 Series– Long the Volume Down button + Power button until the screen goes black and Apple logo appears.

Hard Reboot for iPhone 8 Series– Press and quickly release the Volume Up button and then quickly press and release the Volume Down button. Now long press Side button for 15-20 seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Reset iPhone Network Settings

Open Settings app and tap on General.

Now scroll down the screen and tap on Reset.

Go to Reset Network Settings and tap on Reset Settings.

Try Switching the Networks

All Wi-Fi networks don’t support Wi-Fi calling. Hence it would be better to try switching the Wi-Fi network. It might help you to determine the Wi-Fi network supporting Wi-Fi calling.

Try Restarting the Router

Sometimes, the firmware of the Router is facing a problem. Hence, switching it off for a few minutes and turning on again might solve the problem of Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi Calling Not Working on Apple Watch

Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled in Apple Watch.

Open Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Tap on the My Watch option.

Go to Phone and turn on Wi-Fi calls.

If it is already enabled, then switch it off to turn on again.

It is possible that the Wi-Fi signals are weak. In this situation, you will face the problem while using the Wi-Fi calling feature. Be patient and check out all the methods as well the wait to strengthen the signal or contact your Internet service provider.

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