🔥Darth Vader VS Clown Rap Battle🔥 Get ready to hear some bars

Clown: HaHa my name is clown get outa my way because today is the day to make darth Vader cry.

Darth Vader: my name is darth Vader and I'm here to say that clowns are so dumb ad your bows are red. You know what else is red OH my light saber that I rock with style but with that hair you be outta style. here to say

Clown: son so clowns are dumb I beg to differ. Clowns are scarier than your light saber. I bet you sattack at night but I pick a fight. Get out of my way with your nasty breath because when I smell it I think of death.

Darth Vader: Oh so my breath is bad look at your shoes they are very sad. Now let me say you clowns are so afraid of people looking at you. Oh and and your breath it smell like poo.

Clown: Oh so our shoes look sad. You make me laugh when I see under that mask. What happened to you water you thrown in a fire because you just got FLAMED!!!!!!!


Thanks for reading!! Make sure to share!! By: Martin Rainey
Created By
Martin Rainey


Created with images by Pexels - "audience backlit band" • Efraimstochter - "fool clown fig" • Voltordu - "darth vader star wars geek" • Efraimstochter - "fool clown fig" • Voltordu - "darth vader star wars geek" • Efraimstochter - "fool clown fig" • JDmcginley - "sunrise ocean sea"

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