The Best Bridge By CJ, SaM, and Louie

The Best Bridge held 96 pounds.

Key Designs

The trusses help support the bridge because they help distribute the tension and compression.

Our trusess are also double layered to make the trusses stronger.

How Our Bridge will Handle the Forces

The trusses will distribute the compression and tension. The vertical posts and top will be compressed while the diagonal posts and bottom are being pulled on, distributing the forces to make the bridge stable.

Important Aspects

The triangular trusses all around our bridge will give compression towards the middle of the bridge and take away tension from the middle and distribute it to the ends.


One major weakness of our bridge is that is very slanted and uneven. This could make one side of the bridge snap easier than the other.

The parts supporting our bridge is much different. Also the way the popsicle sticks are facing in direction is different. We used a truss bridge this time instead of the cable stayed bridge. We also made the popsicle sticks face a different direction to make them stronger.

The Cable's Delight

The Cable's Delight held 26 pounds.

Key Designs

The cables on the top take tension from the middle and distribute it to the ends while the posts are being compressed.

The top cables on our bridge take the tension from the middle and distribute it to the ends so the ends of our bridge are being pulled. The posts get compressed so they distribute the compression to the rest of the bridge. The compression then evens out with the tension so our bridge holds up.

Important Aspects

The most important aspect of our bridge is that everything is layered to make it hold more weight.


The weaknesses of our bridge is that there isn't much holding the bottom of the bridge. Our popsicle sticks are held up by glue paper.

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