"The Great IceMan"

Otzi is a man who lived long ago. He was discovered while two hikers were hiking on a mountain. They saw a corpse sticking out, and checked it out. They then saw it was very well preserved in the snow and ice. He was discovered in 1991, on Italy's border with Austria.

One of the issues of trying to recover Otzi was his left hip was damaged, because of the constant melting. The other problem was it was on the border, so they didn't know who should have claimed the corpse. Otzi was well preserved in ice and snow, so the body was dry and dehydrated.

We know when Otzi lived because of artifacts, c14, pollen, and maple leaves. Otzi also had 61 tattoos, believe it or not. Otzi was shot by flint arrowed heads. He was killed in spring or the early summer. There are a lot of theory's of how he died here are 4: Otzi was killed as a sacrifice to the gods, Iceman was killed by his people, Otzi was probably in a fight in the remaining hours of his life, Otzi was stabbed while trying to defend himself. This is my theory and what I think of it. I think Otzi got jumped, ambushed or attacked, while on a journey for chopping wood or hunting. Someone must have thought he was an intruder or bad guy. After all he did have a high ranked Axe, someone must then have killed him.

Otzi the IceMans Shoe. Grass helps keep warm and comfortable.
Otzi cartoon animation.
Otzi's artifacts.
Otzi's axe.
Otzi the Iceman statue.
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