THE HARN MUSEUM the art of the goodlife

Medium of the Art

In the medium of the Art in the gallery of 'Abstract America', you are able to see pictures of abstract sculptures online and in video. Yet seeing it in person you can pay more attention to the details in the texture of the actual medium. As in the ball of aluminum and cans in the exhibit, you can almost feel the coarse and rigid surface of the crushed aluminum with your eyes. The colors are almost psychedelic , having hues of blue and green throughout. It made me realize the amount of skill that would be needed in order to accomplish such a structure with that medium, it would take strength and tools to get the correct shape. This abstract piece of work made me realize that anything can be repurposed as art and also bring light to the amount of materials we use and throw away a day.

Design of the Museum

Overall the design of the museum was very appealing. I found the flow of spaces interesting for a museum. Although all the exhibits had a sense of itinerary and flow from one to another, the passerby still has the option to choose what direction they may go and still make it completely around all exhibits easily and without major back tracking. Most of the spaces had large open spaces separated and sectioned by places walls for art. As well as very high ceilings and recessed lighting. Some rooms even had the ability to peel back material to create a sun roof for another added dimension to a space if an exhibit called for it. My favorite room exhibit is the one that runs into the water garden. The large windows let in an abundance of natural light and the dark natural wood that surrounds the walls, floors and ceilings contrast it beautifully.

Art and Core Values

Art that spoke to me in the museum was the posters and propaganda like descriptions by the Guerrilla Girls. It demonstrated the loss of core values in the aspect of woman in the work place and especially in design and art. It showed how many woman were famous artists compared to men and had very sarcastic statements to relay their point. It sparked the feelings of injustice as well as the core value of loss temporarily. But then in turn triggers desire to make things equal and right. It helps me cherish what we do have and tells me to fight for what we should have.

Art and the Good life

Many pieces of art in the hard demonstrated either joyous, celebrations, hardship and sorrow. All go hand in hand when developing your good life. One artist depicts the hardships of immigrants coming to America in search of a better life, for themselves and for their children for generations. They are searching for the good life. Just like Siddhartha spent his life searching for his own. Another artist shows the African tribes celebrating their rich culture, the coming of the new year, and the gift of friends, family and food. They are sharing their good life in order to celebrate it. All the stages or themes of the good life run into one another at some point or another.

All photos were taking by the author, Erika Smith.

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