Baseball Player by Cade HarriS

NATURE OF WORK: Athletes usually practice to improve their skills. They also maintain their sports equipment in good condition. They have to train, exercise, and follow social diets to stay in the best physical condition. They must take instructions from coaches and other sports staff during games regarding strategy and tactics. The follow the rules of the sport during games. The last thing they have to do is assess their individual and team performance after each event and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Training, Qualifications and Advancement: Most athletes usually have a high school diploma but no formal education credential is required. They must know the way the sport is played, the rules, regulations, and strategies. It typically takes many years of practice and experience to become an athlete or sports competitor. Turning professional is the biggest thing any athlete can do. In baseball, athletes begin their career in the minor league before moving up to the majors. You advance in the sport by showing superior performance and receiving accolades.

Employment: Baseball players play outside everyday and the weather conditions vary throughout the season. They have to travel to sporting events on long bus rides or plane trips and sometimes international travel. They work irregular hours and sometimes work during holidays and weekends. They usually work 40 hours a week.

Job Outlook: Employment of baseball players is projected to grow from 2014 to 2024. It is mainly happening because of population growth and increasing public interest. There are good employment chances in this area because of the Texas Rangers. This sport is needed because it helps the city bring in more money.

Projections Data: The employment is 7,790 the Percent of industry employment is 5.63 the hourly mean wage is 4 and the annual mean wage is $93,000.

Earnings: The median annual wage for athletes was $44,680 in May 2015. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $19,910 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $187, 200.

Related Occupations: Some similar occupations are Coaches and Scouts, Fitness Trainers and Instructors, Recreation Workers, and Umpires.


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