This Love is Silent A Short Animation by Britney Ngaw

"This love is silent." -t.s. eliot


"This Love is Silent" documents the various woes a couple faces after years of marriage. Simple instances that create major conflict include: Coffee spillage, disagreement over purchases, and disorganization. The plot hits close to home as it is largely based on my observations of my parents' marriage.


The short film takes place against the plain sheets of a mattress to accentuate the "filth" that one partner tracks into the house. The actors go about their day on a bed to emphasize the underlying silent love that is still between them; in spite of the arguments, they still end up together at the end of the day.

Animation Technique

-Live action stop motion animation

-RAW DSLR photos of live actors will be captured and sequenced at 12 frames per second

-RAW photos will be edited in Lightroom before being imported into video editing software


-Clips will be filmed using a DSLR at 60fps and converted to editable .TIFF stills

-The stills will be edited in Lightroom and imported into video editing software


-Film recounts a day in the life of an argumentative, yet loving couple framed within a bedroom, around a bed

-The staged environment will consist of live actors lying in positions to mimic surreal motion on white bedding

-Outdoor scenes will be simulated using solid coloured cloths (green clothing bunched together as grass, white pillows as clouds, etc.)

Sound Design

I will create the soundtrack that will involve chords built on major 7th intervals to emphasize both the happiness and turbulence of the relationship. Foley will also be recorded by me.


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