There are many different social groups here at Thornton Academy.

Here is a further look into the group of so called "hicks"

I found that the majority stereotypes and characteristics about the hicks were negative... I asked 5 of my fellow classmates to describe what they think of and imagine about the hicks social group.

I expect them to drive trucks, wear flannels, jeans and boots everyday. That they live in Dayton or Arundel and that they are enrolled in average academic studies. -Classmate 1
I think that they are annoying, ignorant boys that wear flannels and boots and that they mess around in the back of the student parking lot, revving their truck engines. -Classmate 2
I think they are unintelligent and don't feel the need to try hard in school because their family owns their own business and has either lots of money or a job awaiting them whether the succeed or fail in school. -Classmate 3
I believe that they are unintelligent and have a hands on work mentality. That they're insecure and wear worn and dirty clothes. -Classmate 4
They are carefree, drive trucks, wear camo, they don't care about their academics and they do dip or smoke cigarettes. -Classmate 5

So, overall people seem to think negatively on hicks and their social group. Here is what is expected of them:

  • Not care about school
  • Wear flannels, camo, jeans and worn clothing
  • To drive trucks
  • To be a partier
  • Be in an auto mechanic class
  • To be mean to anyone outside their social circle
  • Their family owns/ runs a business (roofing, construction, paving, autobody shop, etc.)

There are advantages and disadvantages of being perceived into a certain social circle. It can restrict you to acting a certain way, dulling yourself to be more like your peers, and making yourself more acceptable and likeable so you have a sense of belonging within your circle. It can have a positive or negative effect on your life. It can be an undesirable or desirable group and it can be high or low on the social ladder.

As far as the social circle of hicks...

There are advantages and disadvantages of their social group. Clearly their peers think less of them and that they only care about their trucks. That comes along with the assumption of what their teachers and elders must expect and think of them as far as their academic motivation and personal goals. In this case, the disadvantages outweighs the advantages for their expectations. 

With their stereotypes and social expectations, being considered a member of this circle, it seems it would have a negative effect on their academic lives. But, a positive effect on their home and work lives. This social circle doesn't seem to be desirable by their peers due to their negative stereotypes and expectations. Overall the group labeled as hicks are lower on the social ladder.

Who am I labeled as?

I chose to label myself as a popular/ prep.

For as long as I can remember I have always been friends with the "popular" and "cool" girls. All throughout elementary school, middle school and high school. There are certain social expectations that follow along with being a part of this group.

  • To be pretty
  • To do well in school
  • To have lots of instagram and twitter followers
  • To dress nice and have high end clothes
  • To drive a nice car and have some sort of money
  • To have a boyfriend
  • To have lots of friends and be a social butterfly
  • To be funny and friendly

Of course with these expectations there comes restrictions. Hesitation on what to do or say next. Being apart of this group there is a lot of pressure, you have an audience you have to please. Over time I think the "considered" group has changed immensely. A lot of my friends have chosen to step back from the social pressures and expectations of being "the popular girl". There isn't as much drama as there used to be because we all have kind of grown up a bit. There are positive and negative things that come along with being apart of this group. The positive things are, you're known, you always have an interesting and eventful social life. You can network easily whether it be jobs or specific opportunities. The negative things are, its exhausting and there is an insane amount of drama. On the inside its suffocating because of the restrictions... "Should I wear this?" "Does this look bad" "Would people think that I'm weird if I did this?" "Should I post this?" "If I cut my hair short too would she think I'm copying her?" and etc... Whether or not this social group is desirable or undesirable, it depends on who you ask. It's a group that is high up on the social ladder so my assumption is that it would be more desirable rather than undesirable.

In conclusion...

In conclusion, there is all kinds of positive and negative expectations and stereotypes to every social group and circle. There are restrictions and pressures that can be applied to every social circle. There is always a pondering thought and hesitation of when these expectations become too negative or too much... That is the reason there are so many versatile social groups and circles in every functioning community, not just high school.


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